bush supports a strong $

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  1. I saw a video of Bush saying he has always supported a strong US $ since he got into office . I have been trading forex for 5 years now when the euro was 1.20 and it has been declining since then . So why would he says he wants a strong $ . I use to dislike him now i just feel sorry for the guy. I really dont think he knows what the f**k he is doing .
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    Bush supporters.
  3. He knows. He's just saying that to direct attention and criticism away from himself.

    President Bush... BIG FAT LIAR!

    America, what a country. :mad:
  4. I've got EUROS in my safe deposit box from 2001 at 86....

    Just now figuring out that Bush is clueless?

  5. Good move Dr. Z. I just discovered the currency ETF'S a couple of months ago. :mad:
  6. I bemoan the weaker dollar and I lost a shitload a few months back shorting the Euro and the Swissie. (off the old 148 high).

    HOWEVER: I can't argue against a weak dollar being the CORRECT policy.

    1. We're only going to boost exports of our products by keeping the dollar trade friendly. Because of increased exports certain sectors of the economy are humming right along even with the slowdown of the U.S. consumer. Boat manufacturing here in Florida for instance. Agra products also.

    2. If the Euro was at parity to the $ GM would sell somewhere around 6 cars a year.

    3. The dollar is STILL too strong in what it affords Americans in global purchasing power. I marvel that a welfare recipient in America makes more than an MD in much of the emerging world. Someday an assembly line worker or technician in Brazil, China or India will be paid the same amount of purchasing power per unit of labor as an American or European. From a justice standpoint it's only right.
  7. And if we are to actually accept Bush's comment at face value, then we would have to logically conclude that it is just one more thing that he failed at.
  8. viva CAT and DE.

    the weak dollar is atrocious for anyone who has a passport and uses it. Soon there may be no reason to domicile in the U.S.

    And as American manufacturing gets more hollowed out the weak dollar policy gets less and less effective. Soon we'll all want live in Sao Paulo or Goa, India

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    Actually I just read how CAT has 16 plants in China. Gotta love the loyalty.
  10. As an aside:

    I was recently in Vienna and went to the Nordsea stand in Scare Square and paid $42 for fish and chips.

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