Bush states he will not be helping the automakers

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  1. - NOT good for LONGS.

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    "Bush states he will not be helping the automakers"

    That's not what the article says
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    No kidding. It simply states that no announcement should be expected by Monday. It even reiterates Bush is considering ways to aid GM and Chrysler.
  4. former Michigan Senator Spence Abrams was the father of the H-1b

    nobody destroyed more jobs than this fucking jerk - wiped out an entire industry of American jobs - tech no longers existed as a decent job thanks to him PERSONALLY

    I say fuck michigan
  5. Completely misleading, and incorrect topic post. The article in no way says that Bush states he will not be helping automakers.

    Into chit chat this waste of text goes, just like almost every topic the OP creates.
  6. This is an interesting point how powerful words can be. Title of the thread (which he created) is not blatantly contradicted by contents of the article. Even with the most contrary sentence "The Bush administration is considering ways to provide emergency aid to General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC., " it is not clear if that is last weeks news reiterated, as the third paragraph deals with.

    Regardless, it seems no time to drag feet on such a major part of the country's workforce. As usual, the policymakers are playing roulette with time.
  7. I don't generally agree with government bailouts - but with my views out-voted on a GRAND scale (ROTFLMAO). . .

    Now is not the time to <b><i>him'n'haw</i></b>.