Bush "Splendid" says Ex Demo Operative

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pabst, Nov 30, 2003.

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  2. Yo Pabst. You will be called in this forum to defend buyma soon.
    The day will be when it is proven than bumya and co have been at least partially if not predominately behind the sceens responsible for 9-11:(

    That day I want you all bumya supporters to stand up and take it like a men/women.:p A fraud for war!!!! how many of our bravest lost for bumya's oil cronies???? Ofc the excuse was the 9/11 for everything.:( Well we will talk about this soon if we survive 2004 that is:eek:

    These neconextremist chickenhawk supremasist jerks have blackmarked our true republican party.:(
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    I am not a pro military dude. War is not my schtick. However Islamic extremism in Syria, Iran, and as manifest in the de facto Saudi civil war is the most viable threat to Western security in history. If I thought it possible I'd be the first guy yelling for appeasement, negotiation, diplomacy. However we face an enemy that is not concerned with land, or settlements, or even preserving oil revenue's. This enemy only cares about the destruction of the West for religious reasons. This isn't Bush's war. Better explosives would have brought down the WTC in 1993. Clinton's response would have been similar. Hell, in some ways Clinton was even more pro-active than Bush, he tried to assassinate Bin Laden in Sudan. So as much as I thoroughly hate war, I see no other way to preserve the future, than forcefully eradicating every over the top cleric, mullah, and money source behind terror in the entire region. This ain't about Isreal. Not when these criminal acts are taking place in Indonesia, Bali, Philippines, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Algeria, and Central Africa. This really could be WWIII and it'll be brutal. For everyone will lose. But in the end, only one way of life will stand and I'm praying it's democratic government with freedom of speech and freedom of religion.