bush speaking again on the economy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. S2007S


    just take what ever he said the last few times and play it back, its going to be another repeat, get ready.
  2. It's just going to highlight how worried they are, the fed making moves every week the president making speach after speach on the economy.

    Things must really suck for wall street.
  3. He'll probably say "Mission Accomplished" yet again.
  4. Yes, and we're not even out of the "denial" stage yet.
  5. He is going to explain how his administration has a strong dollar policy. There is a confidence builder.
  6. Did he tell everyone to keep shopping?
  7. If you don't buy a thirsty 12-cylinder SUV, then the terrorists win. It is no longer just retail therapy. It has morphed into Retail Patriotism. Don't even toy with the notion of saving lest you be mistaken for a subversive element working for the "other side."
  8. AK100


    Really don't know why anyone ever listens to Politicians.

    Everything is always so stage managed, so full of soundbites. Pretty much like the old time hucksters, they'll tell you whatever you want to hear.

    For example, at almost every Labour Party conference (held annually in the UK) the ex-prime minister blair said something like 'now is the time to be bold and create world class public services etc etc etc'

    And what have we in the UK got for the last 10 years. Govt spending doubled with most probably a 20% drop in services delivered.

    But still people listen to these peons.........

    PS. if the current mess continues wonder how long it will take the public to turn on the massive greed of Wall Street. Will 'banker' start to takeover 'terrorist' as the bad guy. You know how America always like the 'good guy/bad guy combo'.
  9. AK100


    What odds for Bush saying that old classic -

    'America deserves a higher stockmarket'