Bush says immigration bill will survive

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LT701, Jun 11, 2007.

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    <img src="http://bp1.blogger.com/_mJ4lc_Q9Q6k/Ri04caipeCI/AAAAAAAADl8/hixUyM_D87A/s400/kicksDog_foghornBeatsDogsAss.png" border="0" alt="">

    'What part of "NO AMNESTY" don't you understand?'
  3. lol.. you figured it out... good job. videos are just as easy to embed.
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    i just think that cartoon says it all, and what it comes down to

    does anyone really think they didnt understand the text of our message?

    Now, it comes down to emphasis
  5. yes... that is a great cartoon... "i say boy"

    the white house is stating they havent given up. bush has back stabbed his staunchest supporters over this. can there be a bigger clown in the world?

    just as soon as they try to re-start this crap we will flood the senators again. i called my two traitors... have you? the phone workers were flustered... one thanked me for being so nice. they have never seen anything like this.

    with the new media, transparency is key. everyday, more and more people are waking up to just how criminal the politicians and corporate media has been.

  6. There are few bigger clowns than Bush. If I ever disagreed with you on this issue, and I probably did, I was wrong, Bush has proven me wrong :eek:
  7. well we are all in this fight together.. i was wrong in 2000 when i voted for him. its just like trading.. not about being right or wrong... just what we do when we realize it.
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    i didnt vote in 2000, partly because i was out of town. But if i'd been in town, it would have been for Buchanan, since Gore stabbed me in the back with his open support of H-1b visa. Besides, my red state was going for bush no matter what i did.

    I pretty much assumed that bush and gore were heads and tales of the same fake coin (and in some ways, i still think so)

    At the time, i could not fathom how much worse bush would turn out
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    should I have voted for kerry. where does he stand on this issue? just the fact that I am now asking that question shows what I believe the Bushes are a family of traitors. I feel bad because Jeb was a good governor but his dad and his brother are traitors.
  10. Yes you should have and I should have too. We have to start throwing the bums out of office.
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