Bush Rejected Israeli Plea to Bomb Iran Nuke

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Landis82, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Looks like the REAL reason for the run-up in crude oil to $147 now comes out . . .

    As I had once thought, Iran was about to go "off-line" at one point last year due to an Israeli mission to fly over Iraqi airspace and use U.S. made bunker busting bombs to take out Iran's main nuclear reactor. However, Bush chose not to sanction the Israeli's plea and once again "relied" on horrible NIE intelligence.


    Guess Mr. Bush wasn't all that "tough" when it came to wanting to take out regimes that controlled WMD capability.
  2. Anyone care to suggest why George refused to "sanction" the Israeli mission?
  3. there is no mission. it is just fabrication to vent from the israel hole in its low back.

    we all know that W. and/or Olmert are liars.

    Did you not read the fresh lies of yesterday (one is saying the opposite of the other)?

    Israel will never dare attack Iran, as it is afraid of Iran deterrence/response.

    Israel understands only the language of force. It can bark at Iran but it cannot bite it. All what you hear is just barking, made a bit louder to make sure a large number of dupes hear it.
  4. As long as Oil prices stay low Israel only has to sit back and watch Iran melt down...
  5. Hmm.....Maybe Hamas and Hezbollah need interpreters