Bush really fucked us

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bungrider, May 28, 2004.

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  1. the question is, will he get re-elected?


    And don't forget to vote in November!
  2. He gets my vote! :)
  3. The war crimes of America are being noted with revulsion by the Civilized World... moreover, natural justice has a tendency to manifest itself when it is least expected...

    It seems to me that the Civilized World has put America on a period of notice... America should expect ZERO sympathy from the Civilized World when America, in the goodness of time and with the full backing of inevitability, tastes the bitter fruit of the seeds that it has planted... it is highly probable that the Civilized World will stand aside (rather than shoulder to shoulder with the Americans) and let America shed its tears of self-pity when the inevitable re-run of 911 occurs...

    The Civilized World has truly lost patience with America... and with Bush in particular...
  4. TigerO


    :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Yo canyon! Careful there if you want to contribute to Cuban conditions in the US, ever more terrorism, and total war by voting for Bush, or I might need to rethink my weekend pledge and all:D
  5. Coins


    Bush is the worst president this country has ever had including Nixon and Clinton.
  6. There is a pretty good chance he may get re-elected. I have faith that something can be "engineered" before or during the elections to assure the hands stay firm in the cookie jar:( :(

    In all honesty Kerry is not that big of a contender so far... Bush got the support of many republicans voting the party... It seems the nation is in denial, -like a trade gone bad instead of dropping the deal like a hot potato, ppl keep defending the position-. even tho more and fertilizers are hitting the ventilators lately :D :D :D

    I'm not sure if the damage done to the country, the republican party, and the world can be easily reversed. Surely not by dudya.

    There is no leadership. We'll have to make choice on who is going to cause the least damage.:(:(:(
  7. TigerO


    Thing about those voting for libertarian et al, that's probably a good, sound choice in normal times, but problem is now it's really tricky when realistically at least this time round that doesn't stand a chance of success, particularly as this is the most important and crucial election in US history ever, where the all important objective has to be getting Bush and his entire gang of evil Neocons out of the White House and out of our lives, in order to prevent them forming the US in their absolutely and totally lunatic and evil image of an intolerant and totalitarian state of the unfree at home, and total armageddon in the world.

    Kerry may not be your favorite choice, but he is the only chance we have of getting rid of Bush.

    Besides, quite honestly, while I personally think Kerry will do a decent job, there really is nothing anybody could possibly do worse than what Bush and gang have perpetrated in every single regard.
  8. Flip a coin - it's one lying scumbag or the other - we get screwed either way
  9. Ah yes, we always have the French (perennial legends in their own minds) happy to instruct others on civility - at least until the next time the snivling little wienies need their butts protected.
  10. You're absolutely right. I'd much rather be living in Africa -- nothing more civilized than chancing brain maggots every time you dip your cup in the local spring.
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