Bush 'Problems were made a decade before he became president

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  1. In an interview excerpt that aired Monday on ABC's World News program, the president was asked whether he feels in any way responsible for the nation's economic woes

    "I have been president during this period of time," said Mr. Bush. "But I think when the history of this period is written, people will realize a lot of the decisions that were made on Wall Street took place over a decade or so before I arrived as president


    Actually, there's a lot of truth to that 10 years prior to 2000 is 1990, when the cake of Globalism was baked (on his dad's watch)- I think he's hinting that Globalism, the religion of Bush sr, Clinton and himself, is a flawed premise

    He's learning what henchmen learn eventually - that they often take the fall for those they kneel before

    I dont feel any more sorry for him than he did for the people he hurt

    but i do detect that he regrets giving up drinking, because he now wishes he'd never been president, after taking a glipse into his place in history
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    I told you so that Bush is an unlucky President. :D
  3. . . . amoung his other vices he gave up.

    Like see a train wreak manifesting before his eyes and going and hiding under the bed . . .

    He wasn't responsible for this mess but he stood idle by and let it happen after being warned it was coming for the last 8 years.
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    Bush has taken responsibly for.. nothing
    and never will. If the correction happened on Obama's watch then Bush would be blaming Obama, or talking about how it all worked on his watch.

    Perfect survivorship bias:

    Problem, blame someone

    Works out good, Bush policy worked!
  5. that's why i refered to him as a 'henchman'
  6. I should have said, . . . I agree.
  7. Nobody put a gun to his head and (1) forced him to LIE about WMDs in Iraq, (2) invade Iraq, charging $5 Trillion to the future generations of Americans, (3) trample the Constitution and individual guarantees (4) Pass the Patriot Act, (5) strive to grab more powers for the Executive Branch (and beyond Constitutional limits).

    He will be vilified.... and deservedly so.
  8. Yes, he did that on his own but I think sw was talking about the financial mess.
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    So he's blaming his dad for today's troubles. Good riddance to this idiot next month.
  10. He has been much worse than "just being an idiot"...

    But don't think for a moment, "... we FINALLY got rid of Bush... Whew, now everything's going to be all right"...

    NObama's agenda has the potential to do even MORE harm to America than did Bush.. :mad:
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