Bush or Blair, who's the bigger asshole?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LiverNoMore, Jun 4, 2003.

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  1. Bush is the bigger asshole

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  2. Blair is the bigger asshole

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  3. They are both equal rectal cavities

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  4. They are the same person projected through smoke & mirrors

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  1. Cheese


    They are just politicians.

    You might want to regard certain leaders as lightweights, but don't imagine ANYONE GETS TO THE TOP in politics without a few smart moves.
  2. Both are assholes, through which tens of millions of third worlders are gushing into our countries and turning us back to stone age.
  3. They are not assholes.

    You, on the other hand.....

    Just kidding. You know I love lefty moonbats. :)
  4. wreh1

    wreh1 Guest

    Says the third-world Russian...
  5. FredBloggs

    FredBloggs Guest

    this is just soooo close im afraid i cant vote on this one.

    actually i will - bush is the biggest ass hole. or is he?

    bush may be an ass hole, a very big ass hole, but blair is probably the bigger ass hole for following him and doing what ever bush tells him to do.

    in the uk, blair is known as bush's poodle cos he cant think for himself.

    this may interest you neo-con nazi lovers: blairs party (laboUr party) is in fact traditionally left wing - standing up for the down trodden union loving working classes!! go figure. just shows what an ass hole blair really is.

    i usually vote conservative in the uk. they are right wing - but not as stupid/right wing as blair if you follow.

    blairs economic policies are those of a left winger though - ie totally fuck up the fabric of the country, let kids run riot, give all the money to the assylum seekers etc.

    this is really confusing for me. i dont think i will be able to sleep tonight wondering who is in fact the biggest ass hole.