Bush on CNBC

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  1. Geez any college student could speak better then him..

    I would assume that the speech should be more sophisticated at the econ. cub on NY.. it sound like he is talking to high school teenagers..

    He said " we should not help the speculators" - you know people who speculate on homes!

    - the market is in the process of correcting itself

    - we should not interrupt market correction BUUAAAGH

    - we are sending out a billions of checks (to bost consumer spending) BUUAAAGH

    - my mortgage could be owned by someone in the foreign country - it would be harder to refinance the note BUUAAAGH!

    - if congress does not make tax relief permanent it will create uncertainty geezer what uncertainty you talking about?
  2. He looks tired, and his tone is pretty defensive and "angry".

    He'll just blame Congress for everything, which is just what he is doing now.

    No leadership at all.
    Just blame someone else.
  3. I wonder how long it will take the new administration to figure out just how badly he screwed things up since stepping into the Whitehouse. I suspect it will be far worse than it may first appear, what with the reverse-Midas touch and all, and all the things that he touched...
  4. - We believe in strong dollar policy?!

    I believe in winning the jackpot so what

    and he deviated right now from questions prices into "alt. fuels"

    -does not mention dollar inflation, says prices rise because demand higher then supply.
  5. everyone being trotted out from this administation, from the president, to the sec treasurer, to the fed chair, etc, is on the defensive, deservedly so...not good news, more bad news coming, and they know it...they are trying to forestall it by trying to get out in front of it, and trying to make it out to be less dire than it is.

    the only thing propping up the market the past two months is the fed goosing it on 'averaging down', which has each instance faded..in short, the investment banks are using the cover of the fed to liquidate assets each time the market gets jacked-up, for if they don't, they will flounder also, ala bear stearns, which they may anyway, in the final analysis.
  6. I find him so inspirational.

    He has 'it.'

    It's hard to explain. It's a charisma.

    Oh that George W, and his wily charms.
  7. The Democraps majority in Congress began in January 2007. The markets have not been enthused since then.....
  8. Yeah.

    Thankfully Bush is in the White House, or oil, energy and food would be really expensive.
  9. So Bush was on CNBC huh. I think we're about to enter the next great depression!
  10. I have a problem with inflation due to dollar weakness but by and large I'm a commodity bull who thinks farmers, ranchers and oilmen deserve their money 100x more than "paper shufflers".
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