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  1. dated material .... memory lane

    This week, Russia attacked Georgia, and President Bush delivered yet another stunningly belligerent statement to a foreign government, this time to Russia: "The US government insists that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia be respected." (AP 8/14)

    This statement continues a string of of Bush administration ultimatums and threats previously delivered to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Luibya, Turkey, Ukraine, North Korea, Venezuela and China. Yesterday the administration upped the ante by pledging anti-missile technology to Poland, incensing the Russians further.

    Not since 1940, has a US administration been so hell-bent on going to war. Of course a great number of US citizens (91%) are vehemently of the same mind, which is why Bush's popularity rating soared to 91% when he ordered the invasion of Iraq. Putin is in the same chest-puffing league as Bush, not to mention potential successor McCain, who demanded - despite his utter lack 0f authority- that Russia "unconditionally cease its military operations and withdraw all forces" from Georgia. He added, "In the 21st century, nations don't invade other nations," forgetting that the US government invaded Iraq, fostering death and havoc in the Middle East for 5 years.

    If Obama gets elected, he is not likely to avoid confrontation either because McCain has tagged him as weak, so he will strive to prove otherwise.

    Today's politicians, at our peril, ignore the Founding Fathers' admonition to avoid foreign entanglements. So, whatever your proclivities, get ready for far more war risk in your personal life.
  2. The 91% mentioned above applies here too at ET. All George Bush twice voters.

    Would Obama have a chance with this crowd?

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  3. I,like,99% of traders who trade for a living had a good time under Bush. At least we were making money. You can blame it on Obama, blame it on the recession,ooops depression, but this is just an overall bad era.
  4. You mean the one Bush left in his wake? The zit eight years in the making that finally popped towards the end of his administration? Is that the "recession, ooops depression, and overall bad era" that you are talking about?

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  6. How come Obama never uses his voting record during his term as senator to show us how he voted against Bush's spending?
  7. What would the Founding Fathers say about suing Arizona and pandering to illegal aliens instead of enforcing the law, in hopes of making them voters to help turn the United States into a socialist welfare state?

    What would the Founding Fathers say about obstructing military voting rights while helping felons to vote in order to achieve the same end?

    What would the Founding Fathers say about the first lady vacationing like this AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE while her husband is on track to triple the national debt as he tries to turn the United States into a socialist welfare state?


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  8. Thread point is ....

    91% of americans were in fckin glee over Uncle George's call for the Iraq war!

    91% of americans at ET were in fckin glee over Uncle George's call for the Iraq war!

    91% of americans at ET were/are George Bush twice voters.


    Given the above, which already has 91% against Obama right out the fckin gate, now throw in the following .......

    He's black, possibly muslim, possibly related to or is Osama, was Saddam's godchild, has a big cock, was not born in america ....

    one might ask, if there is even ONE person here who likes Barack, its a fckin miracle.

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  9. but that's a compliment
  10. GLEE was everywhere ....

    it was a rapturous glee.

    But there were 2 exceptions.

    My buddy Bobby and I. We couldn't believe the size of this, our fellow american mob - madder than fckin mad.

    And here was Bobby, a combat veteran , a fellow who could take out 10 men with his bare arms, and he just went stone silent for days.

    The following week he said to me, "you were right to leave. We're finished as a nation. Fix me up in Thailand, I'll join you"
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