Bush Now Is Telling The Public That He Has Nothing To Do with High Oil Prices

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  1. continually facinates me how the public thinks it has some sort of right to 2 dollar gas.

    and the govenors of the east and west coast states refuse to consider drilling off their coasts

    and God forbid that we allow drilling on public land in the west which is a desert blast furnace anyway or ANWAR which is a sheet of ice 10 months out of the year

    and the Democrats want to NATIONALIZE the refinery business..

    imagine the Democrats trying to run a refinery..

    we'll see $7 gas before we ever see 2
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    Big Oil's 200 refinery buy up's a while bac then closing them all
    that didnt have nothing to do with it naaahh
    Whats even more amusing the offshore/drilling restriction's his dad put in, he now can and wants to lift.
    Cheney's moving to dubai with hali
    fortunetly are dollar will follow him all the way there.
    We have capped wells all over the place cuz no one has the capacity to refine it.
    you can run but you cant hide dick
    drill until we cant drill no more anyways .
  3. drilling of shore would not have an "instant" impact of lowering prices, neiter would drilling in utah or whereever that other oil shale is projects of this magnitude take YEARS to develop and start production take a look at this company OilSands Quest ticker BQI they started exploring they're property back in 2005 now three years later they are still exploring with a small amount of production going online later this year, full scale production not planned till 2010 so what 5 years?, do you really think drilling off shore will instantly lower oil prices?
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    this is a quote from iran's ahmadmiigetajob

    “At a time when the growth of consumption is lower than the growth of production and the market is full of oil, prices are rising and this trend is completely fake and imposed,” President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech.

    “It is very clear that visible and invisible hands are controlling prices in a fake way with political and economic aims,” he said when opening a meeting of the OPEC Fund for International Development in the central Iranian city of Isfahan.

    “As you know the decrease in the dollar’s value and the increase in energy prices are two sides of the same coin which are being introduced as factors behind the recent instability,” Ahmadinejad said.
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    Back on topic
    bush claim's he has nothing to do with oil prices
    with in 2 days of getting in office in a sweetheart deal gave mexico tens of thousands of square miles of what we had called our us oil reserves.
    He has single handedly along with the rest of his lackie administration set our economy back at least a decade .
    He will be known as the worst president in history
    If there is a god he will be impeached before his short time left is up.
  6. Excellent Commentary

    The Bush/Cheney War policies alone are responsible for more than 50% of the current price.


    Imagine this....you worked in the oil industry.....your vice president is CEO of an oil firm....your family based out of Houston is connected to oil people both in the US and the world.....

    You start a war and war mongering in the number 2 and 3 oil reserve oil states in the world..... for 8 years in the oil region....creating continual fear of possible shortages.....which was jammed in front of oil traders continually on a weekly basis for 8 years.....which created seemingly justifiable continual upward pressure....

    And now with a straight face tell the American people in front of the public media....that you have nothing to do with high oil prices....

    I do not know about you....but I know this....This man knows full well he has been highly responsible for the current price levels....

    This guy is a blatant liar....no ifs ....no ands....no buts.....
  7. As the man in charge when our currency was debased he's first in the line for blame. So much of this is due to the weak dollar. When your currency is being destroyed you have no other option to be long tangible items like commodities and that's exactly what has happened.
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    Admitting that headlines about war are driving crude prices and not supply/demand is admitting that it is speculation driving the market. The war itself did almost nothing to the supply of oil to the world market. Although Iraq has enormous amounts of oil under its feet its production pre and post war is an insignificant amount. The one thing that is true whether you agree with the war or not is that the country has a chance of being a major producer now. Before the war the infrastructure was barely able to keep up with current production. Hopefully with an influx of western money Iraqs vast reserves will start pumping oil into the worlds markets for years to come. Now... other than giving speculators news to trade on how did bush push prices up?
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    crazy facts
    Iraqi oil pre war paid 5cents a gallon
    now now they pay 65 cents and its imported from kuwait
    and i encourage you to actually read previous post's
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