Bush Nixed Israeli Plea to Raid Iran

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Landis82, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Idle chatter - good cop bad cop played out in the news.

    Imo, the people of Iran are going to kick abajab out anyways, they think he is a nut case. When that happens he'll probably be a professor at Columbia University.
  2. abajan doesn't control shit in that shithole, he is a fucking tool

    the shita rule that fucking hell, you have to understand how shita islam is a hypocritical form of islam, and how it changes based on the desires of it's interpreters, you also need to understand the stupidity of iranians, before you can understand how that retarded country is run

    people of iran are not going to do fuck, they are retarded incompetent morons, they will take in the ass than fight their crappy allah

    the people of Iran deserve the fucking gov that rules their shitland, so don't be so damn naive and try to support those fucked up bitches
  3. for once, USA says no to Israel's blood thirst

    never thought i'd ever say this, but 'thank you George Bush'