Bush needs to get off the sidelines

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  1. Israel is mobilizing it's reserves. They are meeting heavier resistance than we thought. The Lebanese government is going to jump in on Hezbollahs side. We need to act fast. If we are not Johnny on the spot we could wake up with no more Israel as this thing escalates. We need to move a couple of divisions to the Syrian Border and at least one carrier group off Lebanon and be ready to intercede if neccessary. The rest of our navy should be in Persian Gulf. This gives us the perfect pre-text to "ignore" the sectarian violence in Iraq and let the Sunni's do what they want to do.
  2. I don't think the us involvement in the conflict would be necessary or desirable, Israel can handle it but they need to forget political correctness, take off the gloves, roll up their sleeves and solve the problem once and for all.
  3. Solve the problem once and for all?

    How is that going to happen?

  4. You really don't want to know.
    :D :p
  5. Yes, I do want to know, that is why I asked.

    I hope you are not thinking genocide and also posting smiley faces at the thought....

  6. What if the Satanlamics leave Israel no option. They refuse to let Israel live in peace. Israel has already taken off the gloves and are escalating under threats from the Lebanese, Syrian, and Iranian governments. What if Iran has given Hezbollah larger missiles than they have already used, or what if Iran launches some of it's Mirv'ed missiles on Israel? What if this is some kind of trap to get the bulk of Israels military into South Lebanon and then WHAM? The Iranian President is a rapid Islamic Jihadist who has been a terrorist himself. These evil bastards do not think along the same lines of logic which we use. There comes a time where one has to pick sides Z. Do you really pick the Islamic Jihadist side? Is that the only way you could get or keep a woman, to have her compelled to be your servant by law?
  7. I do pick a side, humanity and humane treatment of all people.

  8. Take off the glove ddd?? You didn't take off the glove yet??


    There is no more Beirut buddy...Oh I forgot that the american media is working hard to hide that!

    Didn't you take out the gloves in 1982 when you dumped the equivalent of three Hiroshima bombs worth of bombs on that city for 81 day?


    Keep on lying on these idiots!

    A band of fighters is causing all of that to you Mr. Fourth strongest army on earth??

  9. What...You want to engage the Americans in another war so that you could hide your cute soldiers??

  10. I understand that, I just dont agree with it in these circumstances. These Islamic bastards are pure EVIL. They are repressive, aggressive, and posessive. You will never be able to reason with them. Cease fires and diplomacy only give them time to re-arm and dig rat holes. If they have their way the whole world will be an Islamic Republic with an Iranian Ayatollah at the center. If a pack of them were headed towards your city intent on killing any resistance and enslaving the rest with their demonic codes, would you pick up a gun and help your neighbors battle the son of a bitches?
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