Bush meets Iraqi shoes

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  1. Bush actually handled that well, IMHO.

    I'd have thrown 'em back at that bastard...
  2. Yes he did. It looked as though he swatted at the second one. I bet he got a good laugh out of it.
  3. america is a pussy
  4. America drops bombs. We don't throw shoes.
  5. You are a pussy that smells bad. You are stinking up ET.
  6. I was wondering where Bush's security detail was and what they were doing. This guy should have had 50 bullet holes in him before he tossed that second shoe. How could they know it wasn't a bomb?
  7. I read a CNN article that said:

    "In Arab culture, throwing shoes at someone ... is considered an insult."

    So, does that mean that there are some cultures where that would be considered a nice gesture???
  8. TGregg


    In so-called shame cultures, insults are much more significant than in the West. It's a very barbaric culture, and usually provokes a reaction a Westerner might expect if you shot his dog. You can find a link to an article about this and a discussion at:

  9. Yes I read in Amerika they kill you for your shoes. So if you threw your Nikes to them is would be a nice gesture (so they dont get blood on them) :D
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