Bush Makes Himself God

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  1. This is not a Bush-bashing thread.

    And, for message board sake (the written word that remains) I will make it perfectly clear that I am against all terrorism, acts of terrorism, and any organization supporting terrorism, such as al Qaeda.

    I uphold and promote all USA laws.

    Be that as it may, I'd like to point out a couple simple principles.

    Bush, like God, is a creator of religions and does religious intervention/modification.

    Here's how:

    Bush says terrorists are "evil" and "killers."

    That is true. I agree.

    However, Bush is purposely NOT stating that religion has anything or even something to do with the acts of Islamic-based terrorism/war/violence.

    When, the truth is, religion does.

    Bush would need to delve into, dissect and dismantle the Holy Qur'an, verse by verse, in order for him to NOT state that that religion is terrorism-based.

    To date, he has not done so.

    Also, he, through the US military, orders and OKs the killing of al Qaeda members without acknowledging ANY religious affiliations/practises people who commit such al Qaeda-like killings have.

    Thus, BUSH is dictating what a religion can and cannot believe, adhere to and practise.

    When, he himself, as an admitted member of the religion called Christianity, sanctions nothing short of massacres in the name of what HE calls and justifies as "war."

    Only God, as shown in the Holy Bible, has authority to commit what Bush would call "acts of terrorism," in that, it is shown many places in the Holy Bible where God Himself and His holy angels kill and slaughter people in the name of religion, vengence and judgement.

    Even to the point of raining down FIRE on Sodom and Gomorrah, as Bush rained down fire, bombs and destruction on an Iraqi city in Operation Swarmer.

    Yet Bush, by NOT acknowledging Muslim religious beliefs, albeit perhaps extreme, is making THAT part of the Muslim religion, based on and rooted in their book, the Holy Qur'an, of non-effect.

    Essentially, wiping out and/or modifying a religion by exterminating its adherents, who do not agree with HIM, one by one.

    Thus, Bush's religion is, by using military force, to do away with all religions and religious belief that have the potential to escalate into violence, even if that violence is based on religious beliefs of defense and revenge... that he has NOT proved that members of al Qaeda are either participants of or not of.

    NOR has he proved that the Holy Qur'an, whose principles are read and/or adhered to in varying degrees by over a billion people, does not promote such acts of violence. When, terrorist acts themselves, may have at least part of their base in Islamic religious beliefs.

    But, it is OK if he himself does so (that is, acts of extreme violence).

    That's making himself Almighty God.

    Tell me it ain't so.

    It's just a fluctuation,

  2. maxpi


    Uhh. ok, I seriously do not recommend a military career for you.
  3. I have no plans to.

    My point is, any idiot claiming Divine direction can drop bombs or set off bombs, killing the innocent along with those targeted.

    It takes more from a person(s) to refrain from doing so.

    Even if it's from the person(s) leading the al Qaeda, or leading the USA.

    It takes something called understanding.

    That, I think the leaders/representatives of both organizations are devoid of.

    Al Qaeda/terrorists should be stopped.

    And Bush should be impeached.

    That is the beginning of a remedy, for innocent people to not continue to be slaughtered over two insane religions.

    Lincoln NEVER would have stood for this.

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