Bush lovers: Are you doing well?

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  1. Wow, no one likes him here? :confused:
  2. Politicians know full well how fickle the public is.
    People only start whinging when they themselves are in the shit.

    A guy I know in Australia (an American) absolutely loved Bush until his son was talked into going to Iraq by some army recruiter at a university.

    He hates Bush now.
  3. I supported Bush in both elections, and I am very disappointed in him. He has backstabbed key elements of his election coalition. In all honesty, if a President Kerry or Gore had done what Bush has done, we would be wild with anger. Conservatives are hopping mad over Border Patrol agents being sent to jail on trumped up charges at the instigation of the mexican government or drug gangs. It's bad enough that Bush refuses to enforce the immigration law and keeps pushing amnesty plans. But how can he allow dedicated Border Patrol agents to go to jail for 10 and 11 years for doing their job?

    Don't even get me started on Iraq. Or Scooter Libby.
  4. Not in defense of Bush, but this guy you are talking about seems to be mad at the wrong person unless George Bush was the actual Army recruiter. If his son wanted to serve and the war in Iraq was already going, why is this a justification to hate Bush? I think people with low intelligence would view this as a justification to hate Bush. Lucky for the guy who made the statement, there are enough people who are not intelligent to support this skewed view.

    If the guy's son was in the Armed Forces prior to the war, I would give the guy a little more sympathy because his son would have joined up not seeing the war coming. The fact that he chose after the fact is not George Bush's fault.

    I am guessing the guy also supported the war then (since he loved Bush prior to his son joining up). Then he flip-flops once his son is involved. This guy sounds like John Kerry, and was probably in the wrong political party to begin with.
  5. u know that the NAU is coming soon....what do u make of it?
  6. Drunken Bush Hurls Vile Insult At Wife

    Wayne Madsen
    Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    Our White House Press Corps sources report further disturbing news about President Bush.

    Our sources have witnessed a clearly inebriated Bush approaching members of the press corps and making rude comments, including one particularly crude remark about First Lady Laura Bush.

    In that case, Bush, nodding toward Laura, called her a "c**t."

    While Bush's drinking is no secret to the White House press contingent, that particular comment was reportedly the worst they have heard uttered by Bush.

    Our sources also report that Laura Bush's stays at the White House are less frequent and that her overnight trips to the Mayflower Hotel often coincide with the president's drunken binges.

    Note: Some of our female readers were shocked to see the "C" word in the above news item.

    This editor wants to make it clear that word was used by George W. Bush to denigrate his wife.

    It was his word, not mine.

    It is important that the public knows what kind of person Mr. Bush is by the offensive words he uses.

    The editor also wants to make clear that the President chose a public press gaggle to use this word -- that is not a private moment between him and his wife.

    If Mrs. Bush feels her privacy has been violated, she must understand that it is her responsibility to herself, her children, and the nation to end this abusive relationship by legally separating from the President and becoming a role model for other women around the country and the world who find themselves locked into similar abusive marriages.

    Nevertheless, we have "asterisked" the word in question.

    However, Mr. Bush cannot asterisk his own vile words.

    Bush gets real ugly with Laura.

  7. Where did you get this crap?

    He obviously quit 20+ years ago.

    How much ya want to bet this gets ZERO traction. Because it is complete bullshit.
  8. Gotta quit reading that National Enquirer type crap and pay some attention to trading Bitstream.

  9. My guess is no one here makes any money.

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