Bush is consistent

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BloodTrader, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. All his life he has been a loser, who could never measure up to his father. He blew it over and over again. Ran businesses into the ground and faked his way through his governorship.

    Now he's blown the big one. But why the fck did so many voters give him a second chance to screw things up even worse?

    I think only time will tell, but surely Dubya will go down in history as one of our worst presidents. But 2 terms??
  2. But why the fck did so many voters give him a second chance

    Because we knew the the rest of the world wasn't going to fuck with him, and they haven't. In due time we can straighten out the domestic situation. George Bush and Cheney have balz and the world knows it. Don't mess with Texas.
  3. They didn't mess with Texas. Just Florida and Iowa.

  4. Huh? He's been screwed by Putin, Musharraf, Ahmadinejaad, Muqtada al Sadr, the Saudis, Syria, North Korea...
  5. Who is this Bush you people are talking about?
  6. There are only burning bushes here.
  7. Just about EVERY single Bush appointee has been shown to be incompentent . . .

    Donald Rumsfeld - Defense Secretary
    Christine Todd-Whitman - EPA
    Michael Chertoff - Homeland Defense
    Curtis Hebert - FERC
    Ben Bernanke - Fed
    Gonzales - Atty General