Bush is an idiot

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  1. He isn't an idiot at all, he is in fact more intelligent than Reagan, Carter, Ford, Clinton and especially the recently defeated John Kerry and Al Gore. It has always been part of the Democratic strategy to portray Republicans as bigoted, war mongering, idiots, congratulations on falling for it hook-line-and-sinker.

    ZZZZZZ let's have a contest : You select any five liberals from this forum and I will select five conservatives. We will all meet and take a standardized I.Q. test. We will average the team results and the winners will receive $10, 000 from the losers. The fact you are a liberal is all the evidence I need that you might actually be gullable enough to go for it.
  2. Idiots worship idiot leaders...

  3. Well, then the fact that Bush got higher grades at Yale than Kerry and scored higher on the military tests than Kerry I guess would prove that there are quite a few idiots out there all right. Can you guess who the idiots are I'm referring to or are you too much of an _ _ _ _?
  4. Both of them?
  5. Kerry is a putz and an idiot.

    That makes Bush intelligent?

    LOL...typical idiot logic from the right.

  6. Zzzzz is a putz and an idiot.

    So there.
  7. Do you need to constantly knock others down to prove yourself?
  8. No, "professor." You and Zzzzz embarrass yourselves easily enough on your own.

    I just enjoy facilitating the process.

  9. Look ZZZ all of the people mentioned are intelligent, you are the one who called bush an idiot. Bush just doesn't feel compelled to play politics on every issue. Some things are too important. The problem with liberals is nothing is based on commonsense but rather a series of short term sales pitches and an altered feel good state of reality.
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