Bush Is a dumb ass Sheet!

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    Enough said!

    Iraq is failing, which was never the "front on terrorism".

    Afganistan, is now a failure.

    When will this dumb ass learn.

    Now, we will have to see more great American soldiers killed.

    Please tell me how we elected this LOSER a second time! Do we really bow too money over the greatness off Human Life?

  2. hey, he has a new plan. more of the same.
  3. NO, NO, NO!!!!!!

    It is "more of the same, WITH MORE!" :D
  4. His idea of changing directions is to turn four corners then accelerate.

    And his idea of bipartisanship? Half of the Republican Party and the whole Connecticut-for-Lieberman Party...
  5. "America will provide forces and support necessary for achieving these goals. Our commanders had estimated that a troop level below 115,000 would be sufficient at this point in the conflict. Given the recent increase in violence, we'll maintain our troop level at the current 138,000 as long as necessary. This has required extended duty for the 1st Armored Division and the 2nd Light Cavalry Regiment -- 20,000 men and women who were scheduled to leave Iraq in April. Our nation appreciates their hard work and sacrifice, and they can know that they will be heading home soon."

    I'm not kidding! This speech was in May 2004:
    Bush had added 22,000 men and women two years ago. What's the difference this time?
  6. The difference , is he's offering freedom fries with it this time.

    Before settling in to another siesta on the ranch.............
    What kind of person, would say they wish they were on their ranch..........
    when they spend MOST of there time there to begin with?

    Freedom fries.
    Think about it....freedom-........Fries.
  7. 2 wrongs don't make a right but 3 lefts do. Bush is on his sixth left................. to be cont.
  8. Tums


  9. LOL! Thank you for that!
  10. "...... The Iraqi people will pay for their own freedom thru the use of their own country's oil....."

    "...We are not in the business of nation building....."

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