Bush is a deer in the headlights

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  1. Sorry to tell you folks but your president is an idiot. He has the appearance of a deer in the headlights. He should have given absolute unconditional support to Israel immediately. Instead he has babbled some nonsense about restraint and tip toed around the Lebanese Government instead of TELLING them to get off their ass and help or suffer the consequences. i will say it again, we need to turn Iraq over to the French ( so they can surrender and make the world war status official) and Germany so that they can contain the mess there while we rendevous with Israel in Syria on our way to Tehran.
  2. Ha! Some of ya'll may have thought I was a dove because I criticized Bush's dumbass ( Saudi ass kissin) war in Iraq!
  3. You know Clay

    You could be right about President Bush. He is no Rhodes Scholar thats for sure.

    What seem funny to me (haha funny) is that you are also a little bit slow on the uptake. For all I know, YOU could be a blood relative. You don't seem to be able to think in the abstract, and your vocabulary is pretty limited. I would guess you have been set back a couple of years in school yourself. I will bet that you don't have all of your front teeth. Have you ever seen the movie "deliverance"? Do you look sort of like the guy playing the banjo? I am just guessing based on your posts.

    Well I don't want to embarrass you. I am sure you have heard this all before a million times.

    Good luck Bubba

  4. LOL....your vocabulary and train of thought isn't all it's cracked up to be either:

    "Great job Hezbollah, good work....now your homes are on fire and you are fucking out of luck. I hope they incinerate the rest of you camel humping bastards with the biggest fucking nuclear bomb they can find."

    "And the correct phrase is "shit out of luck" hosebag"

    "The poor mother fucker had his head chopped off and displayed on the internet you asshole."

    "I am thinking that they are just about out of female virgins for the Martyrs in Beirut, so if this poor son of a bitch is dead he probably has to make do with boys or perhaps small livestock, chickens for instance."

    You seem to have this unhealthy fascination with fornication of various types. You should really stop doing that. You'll go blind.
  5. Why do you insult deers?

  6. Ha Steve, I see you have a complete grasp on abstract thought. As a matter of fact I would venture to say it is the only type of thoughts you have. Grasping the real details of things may be beyond your reach. Yes I am hanging on to my teeth by the hair of my chinny. Don't play a banjo but was always a big Roy Clark fan. Also loved the movie Deliverance, especially Ned Beatty's portrayal ( in the abstract of course) of guy's like you!

    Have a great day and try not to let your mental challenges allow you to be victimized too badly. Assume your rightful place as a follower and place your faith in someone with a little more intellectual capacity.
  7. ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (CNN) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has rejected a suggestion from U.S. President George W. Bush that his country should emulate democracy in Iraq.

    See what I am talking about? How in the hell could he say something so stupid and expect to have any respect among world leaders? What an embarassment!This is more evidence that he is completely out of touch with what is going on here. If we do not get rid of him fast we are gonna be in even worse trouble than we are already in.
  8. Sorry to tell you folks but your president is an idiot.
    I agree but that's not really news, is it?

    He should have given absolute unconditional support to Israel immediately.
    Actually he did. The US is the only country in the world that can rein Israel in. From the diplomatic point of view Bush's silence is indeed "absolute unconditional support", his silence is golden. Oh my god, I can't believe I am defending this idiot.
  9. Hmmm....

    You are suggesting that Israel needs reining in?

  10. No.
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