Bush in with a bust and out with a meltdown

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  1. Dot.com bust for starters then a meltdown as he leaves.

    That has got to be some kind of record. How is it even possible to be associated with so much upheaval, confusion and misery? The list of US economic turmoil during the last 8 year is simply astounding.
  2. Winner by a HUGE margin...
    And he's dumber than a sack of shit!
  3. Hows this for a bet: I'll lay 100-1 on a thousand bucks that the I.Q. of George Bush exceeds yours.
  4. Not likely. But from some of your posts I can see that I should have said "Dumber than a sack of Pa(b)st Prime". :eek:
  5. toc



    Bush is what he is,

    now try to find some workable solution to the crisis. :D
  6. LOL :D
  7. IQ as a stand alone indicator is worthless.

    It derives value only from it's attachment to that rarest of human qualities "common sense"

    Together they are a formidable couple, but left to it's own devices IQ can be extremely destructive both to those who claim it and others within the fallout zone.

  8. Anyone who "blames Bush" for this particular event is a narrow in thought loser. Period. Is the housing/credit situation in The U.S. ANY different than the U.K? Is Bush the leader of Parliment?


  9. Where was B mentioned in my post

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