Bush: 'I intend to do something' about Iran presence in Iraq

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  1. By Rex Nutting
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    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Insisting he isn't angling toward another war in the Middle East, President Bush said he intends "to do something" about the Iranian presence in Iraq that's harming U.S. troops. At his first news conference of the year, Bush said he knows Iranian forces have provided bombs to insurgents in Iraq, but doesn't know whether Tehran's "top echelon" ordered it. Last weekend, anonymous U.S. officials told reporters in Baghdad that Iran's leaders were responsible for the bombs. Bush said U.S. troops in Iraq are counting on Congress to approve the funds they need. Bush said a U.S. pullout would lead to the collapse of the Iraqi government, which would be "disastrous" for the American people.
  2. War continues to be a bull item.........
  3. Perhaps he'll take a holiday at the ranch, and think about it.
  4. Think? Maybe his horses can do somethinking.
    Whenever he takes a holiday at the rannch it is because he isn't needed in DC and the job is done already for him.

    No, just as I predicted that he would start a major war about 6 months before he was elected the first time, I now predict that he will use his remaining 18 months to at least try to start a true world war. There is not much needed, just rub the russians and the chinese the wrong way, and invade Iran. Well, at least he will be remembered.

  5. odd

    I like a leader who does something. Even if it means killing lots of dark skinned people. As long as he does something.

    from a few months ago.


    British Find No Evidence Of Arms Traffic From Iran
    Troops in Southeast Iraq Test U.S. Claim of Aid for Militias

    By Ellen Knickmeyer
    Washington Post Foreign Service
    Wednesday, October 4, 2006; Page A21
  6. Thirty two years ago, I had gotten out of the army, and I was sitting in a Cultural Geography Class. the Prof had parents who were missionarys, or they were in the missionary position when he was conceived or something. It's been a while. Anyway, Vietnam was hot topic, because we were pulling out, which one wag at the time said Nixon's father should have done sixty years before. Prof says that for some 1000 years the Montenyard (sp) and Vietnamese were mortal enemies. But the US Government was bound and determined they were to be allies against the North. How'd that work out?

    this many years, same mistake. It's one thing for the Government to fuck up your mail, but how do you miss these glaring facts of history? They should have been in, had the shieks sent their people to police training a percentage at a time, and let them run the country, LIKE THEY HAVE BEEN FOR 900 HUNDRED YEARS.

    We are still the most powerful nation on earth. Makes you wonder how messed up the rest of the countries are. Pray to god or whomever you pray to Petraues is as good as they say.