bush hypocrisy

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    Bush is a sick man.
  2. How dare he sponsor a race for proud war veterans!

    Better if he just left them hanging in the wind without sending help and let them die in a foreign country. Then blame it on some low budget movie that was made 6 months prior.
    Oh wait, that's Obama's m.o.
  3. I agree with you on this Clubber.
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  5. piss = clown
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    Fuck Off = brokenarrow, dumbass.
  7. So Bush shows acknowledgement and respect to soldiers that lost their limbs in Iraq and he is attacked for it? The leftists are scum.

    If the shoe was on the other foot and and it was Obama throwing a pizza party for them, the left would cheer at what a great president we have for going out of his way to do that and if a conservative said the exact same thing that the leftists are saying in this video, they would be disgusted with those conservatives.
  8. I know you already understand this but Bush was directly responsibility for many of the injuries and disabilities and deaths suffered by our men in uniform. He has never owned up for his mistakes much less apologized to the men or their families for his actions. Thus the obvious hypocrisy. He hangs out with them pretending to be one of them to be a soldier while in real life he dodged service and stayed out of harms way. The man is a disgrace.
  9. This post is a disgrace. Bush is no more directly responsible for any of the injuries suffered by our troops than any other wartime President in our history. We have a volunteer military and the job bears the risk of disability and death. It is the federal govt's primary responsibility to defend this nation, and many of our CiC's have had to send our soldiers to their possible deaths during war. Also, Congress authorized the war, meaning they thought it necessary at the time, and making it legal.. unlike the attacks on libya ordered by onazi.

    By the way no one is forcing these soldiers to go 'hang out' with him, and he didn't dodge service, that was slick willy. What Bush is doing with these guys is a good thing. You're all fucked up, stop listening to bill maher.
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    the disgrace was not necessarily the declaration of war.
    it was how the war was executed.

    bush's dad obviously knew the issues / its why he did not get
    Saaa dum.

    since neither bush nor the democrats had the fortitude to execute a brutal war in a manner which would have saved americans lives and expedited the control and then rebuilding of the countries....
    They should not have gone to war.

    What dumb assholes think sending men out on patrols in under armored vehicles is a strategy?

    What traitor to the country calls a halt to hostilities when they were closing in on Bin Laden...(that has never been explained properly by anyone anywhere to my knowledge).

    The disgrace in execution spilled a ton of soldiers blood and took their limbs... as it gave cronies a chance to loot the treasury.

    Bush seems like a great guy.

    He is either too stupid to know he was played by his VP, halliburton, his dad, Carlyle group and the Saudis or he is a really scary liar / looter.

    It looks to me with have back to back crony loving liars in office.

    I wonder if being a poltician people liars with no remorse... or if only liars with no remorse can become prominent politicians.
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