Bush Hoses Cali Again!

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    The threat has been imminent for years, it has been a miracle that it didn't all go up yet. Davis, who is a pathological liar by the way, is just now asking for the money. It's a political move to get the blame off the insane environmental policies and actually put it on the Bush admin. This is right up there with "republicans want to do away with your social security".

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  2. You don't mean to tell me that Republicans want to keep Social Security, do you???
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  3. i have a question: Who really and truly gives a flying f#ck about a bunch of trees??? Chop em all down for all I care....and if anyone really and truly cares so much about these trees, please feel free to tell us all where you live?????.....seems like everyone wants to save the environment as long as they can clear cut some land for their home first.
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  4. you forgot about the $3bln bribe to PAKISTAN. :D
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  5. sounds to me like the gov did his job -- the feds control the forests, they pay for stuff like this with specially allocated disaster funds (which apparently sat in a bank the whole time) -- and dumya didn't do a goddamn thing about it.

    sad, too. cali's a great state for the outdoors stuff. :( :mad:
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  6. Let's not forget who's grown the federal government at record levels since his "election."

    (I'm not disputing what you're saying; just pointing out that spending isn't the partisan issue most repubs would lead you to believe it is).
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  7. Wow, TM, I think that's the most offensive thing I've ever heard you utter.

    May you enjoy your paved planet.
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  8. ....Oh...Im sorry...im sure you a) won't ever own a home ( chop down the trees and put up a 3500 sq ft home?) drive a car or have a driveway??

    what a crock....tell me one thing you have done to alter your lifestyle to help the environment?? driving a fuel efficient car?? big deal....where does your garbage go??? when you flush it what happens? how many people are living in a big home when a two bedroom would suffice?...the computer your using...is it solar powered??? or is their a powered plant churning out the energy on some sacred land that helps you scalp the mini's ???

    take a look at all the chemicals in your house...hairspray, gel, cleaners, armor all, bleach, deoderant...now that you feel good about them not having ozone depleting elements...think about all the chemicals that are spwed in each and every one to make them....and the massive factories ect.....we only are concerned with the environment as long as it doesn't effect our lifestyle...anyone who disagrees is either a liar or a homeless person who has no choice
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