Bush Hoses Cali Again!

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  2. The last time I checked, it's the UNITED STATES FORESTRY SERVICE that manages the forests of our Country, not the State government.
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  3. Yes Einstein, but if it was such an imminent threat then by doing nothing the governor may have put the state government in jeopardy of both civil and criminal negligence for not doing anything to protect the citizens in four counties who were affected by the fires.
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  4. But with the State running a budget deficit of $38.2 BILLION DOLLARS, where is another $430 million gonna come from, Einstein???
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  5. Who created the $38.2 billion deficit? And when you're that far in the hole, what is another $0.43, particularly when the threat is so imminent?
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  6. Check out the article entitled "Did California Spend Its Way Into the Current Fiscal Crisis?"

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  7. plant trees, watch them grow.....lumber is astronomically high...liberals lost in California when Arnold was elected...Californians won...
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  8. jem


    good article on California. Just as I suspected. The democrats killed the state with their desire to increase their voting base. They saw the swing democrat vote that went to Reagan in 80s and they embarked on a plan to never let the state go repbuplican. They said lets increase the potential democrat voting base by giving away things they really could not afford to give away.

    Yea Bush is a jerk to California. Yes, and appointing Enron patsies to the Energry regulatory body was crooked, and it pissed me off. But the freaking assholes in sacramento left the state broke and unable to defend itself against fires. I usually restrain myself from profanities but they chased me out of the state for now.

    The good thing is it is a hell of lot easier, to wake up eat breakfast, check on europe check the news and start trading at a respectable hour. I now have energy to work out during lunch. Maybe someday I will be able to go back there and buy a summer house on the water.
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  9. And I am sure that you will blame the Democrats when a hurricane or NorthEaster blows away that dream house on the water.
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    That would be a good point if I were making up the problems. I did not blame them for the fire. But they saw the problem and did not have the money to fix it?

    They have the 5 or 6th largest economy in the world. They tax the hell out of wage earners. They get 8-10 percent of your income if you make about 100g which is not much for a two person family income in Cali.

    They got to tax all those corporations. They had 50cent plus gas tax, they had a lottery, they got to tax much of the most expensive land in the world (at least the local govt did.) And yet they ran up a crippling deficit. In the debate Cruz bustamonte said, it is not rocket science, we spent too much.

    You tell me who was responsible for spending too much. Please I want answers. How the hell did this happen. California was a great great place. If this was not the democrats doing whose was it?

    I could get into the specifics about the give aways because my wife worked in a hospital, but I will spare you the details. Just know that Medi-Cal was the best insurance to have. The middle class was frequently uninsured and most families paid 6--900 month for nothing nearly as good as medi cal either directly or through work. But try to get on Medi Cal if you were supposed to be middle class. Now try to get on it if you were an immigrant or illegal.

    Grey Davis hired 10,,000 new govt workers recently. More give aways to get votes. It was all about getting votes.

    Whose fault is it the California has billions in debt? The republicans?

    By the way I use to tolerate democrats and when I was younger I worked on capitol hill for the democratic policy committee run by Sen. Byrd. So yes I blame Democrats but I believe I have the right to and I believe I am correct. I invite your facts and arguments on the California situation.
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