Bush gets Saudis to pump more oil!!

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080516/ap_on_go_pr_wh/bush_mideast

    "RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - President Bush failed to win the help he sought from Saudi Arabia to relieve skyrocketing American gas prices Friday, a setback for the former Texas oilman who took office predicting he would jawbone oil-producing nations to help the U.S."

    Oops. Nevermind...

    He better tell them he's "disappointed" again. Worked well last time.

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  2. I can't believe the jawboning didn't work, especially with the credibility that the President has worked so hard to achieve.

    It's embarrassing to me to even read about the attempt.

    Conservation. Alt energy. Nukes (with improved technology). Improved relations with certain oil producing nations.
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    I know they are just a bunch of arab terrorists so we are not supposed to like them, but what exactly is it that we want the Saudi's to do, Oil production is already above consumption. It's not their fault we are not exploiting our own resourses and have mismanaged our own economy early to the point of failure.
  4. Seems like we should at least see the oil inventories build pretty soon - everyone I know is cutting back. Of course, I don't live in China.
  5. The only cure for the high oil prices will be the elections in Nov. I am sure Bush would like to see prices drop Sept/Oct , that would really help McCain get elected. Of course I realize the US has no control over the price of crude, but just wondering if it is possible.
  6. No problem - food and energy aren't counted in the CPI, so that means you don't have to worry about it. :D
  7. We still do have some/lots of control over the price but it will take a focused and concerted effort to bring that to bear.
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    You idiots really think anyone gives a shit how much you pay for gas etc ? Bush really has your best interest in mind?

    No wonder that prick was elected to a second term. If you idiots want more of the same just continue to be morons and elect John Bush.

    Get your fucking heads out of the sand and wise up. Bushies planned all along to take over the entire middle east and steal their oil. John "suck up" Bush, opp's McCain will follow in Bush footsteps and invade iran and the other sandbox states and guess what....your sons AND daughters will be called up for the upcoming draft.

    When the draft comws the youth of this country will raise hell and want John butt Bushboys head. Remembeer Viet Nam when there was a draft and the youth raised hell then. IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN. But you and i know one thing for sure, no crazy politician will call for a draft before an election. KEYWORD = BEFORE





  9. Counterproductive at best.

    I'll be voting for Obama next fall unless something changes my mind (I'm looking for the smartest candidate who has the ability to think on his feet) but rants like this from the 'liberal' side detract from the validity of making a change.
  10. this oil market will peak one way or another. we will either open up exploration off our coast or shift to another source of energy or we will enter into a faze where we will reduced our consumption . probably accompanied by a recession. if that happens it is quite likely the world will reduce there consumption. but i am coming to the belief that our politician are trying to save us from the worst part of this energy cycle by pushing this idea of global worming. i mean how do you tell the public that these oil producing nation are not our friends and not have a backlash from those nations.
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