Bush Endorses Israel's Plan on West Bank

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  1. Like Beirut? Wasn't really that long ago. Look what happened there.

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  2. Ah, only you know the truth. Everyone else is kidding themselves.

    Reminds me of a friend who when growing up was told by her brother (sarcastically), "Your right Ellen, and the whole world is wrong".
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  3. I find this very interesting post from Nolan-Vinny-Sam...
    ..At this point, a furious Sharon reportedly turned toward Peres, saying "every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it."


    maybe it wasnt bush making that decision?
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  4. Rowenwood would not only affirm that belief, but call you illogical, a coward for believing otherwise, and that he is a great man with a following.
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  5. These are exactly my points. Both regarding the exploitation of Holocaust for political purposes (many Slavs died because of Nazi's instituted Holocaust, yet they did not hijack the notion of Holocaust as something that happened only to them), for which I have already been accused for being antisemitic on this forum, and the treatment of other nations in the Middle East.

    I support the right of Jews to their own state as long as Palestinians are given the same right and as long as the state of Isreal is not an apartheid state. What is really pathetic is that the ideology of Zionism is not so different from that of Nazis and yet Zionists consider themselves superior to them. What a joke, what a blatant hypocrisy!
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  6. I agree 100%
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  7. If that's all you did say, then it wouldn't have evoked much of a response. What in fact you wrote was

    You can spit in my face and I'll dismiss it as rain. You can call my mother a whore and I'll treat you to dinner. But if you tell me that my mother should thank the Nazis for killing her brother and parents, then I'll put a bullet through your head, Mr Ph.D. in mathematics. Supposedly, of course.
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  8. now..what we need is a objective angle here.

    how many of u are jews here?

    regarding the assertion that jewish people control america, there are some interesting facts about this.

    if the average american make $100 bucks per year, jews would come out at the top making $150 per year, then it's the Japanese, which makes $108, then the italians, chinese, koreans....
    blacks come out at the bottom at $50.

    being the richeset ethic group in america, I have no doubt they have a lot of political power and how anti-semiteism arises.
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  9. I see the shit's starting to float to the surface. vegasoul, I'll be in Chicago next week. There's a few things I can clear up for you if you'd like to meet for dinner. Must be some good Chinese restaurants in North Point?
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  10. 2.2% (high estimate) of the American population have a 50% higher than average income?

    Wow, what a powerful impact they must have in "political power and how anti-semeteism (sic) arises".

    Here's a more relevant statistic. 100% of the ET posters who use the name "vegasoul" are morons who cannot even properly construct sentences in english. (or spell).

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