Bush Endorses Israel's Plan on West Bank

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ARogueTrader, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. Why do people get so overly emotional on the topic of Israel?

    Yes, the USA is imperialistic, no doubt.

    So is Israel, what is your point exactly?

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  2. You are a finger pointing high handed hypocrite!
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  3. Now you attack me personally?

    Why so emotional?

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  4. I am not emotional, I am merely making an observation.

    You are painting black and white strokes in the depiction of Israel and Palestine when it is a much more complex matter.
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  5. I pointed out in the beginning of this thread that both the USA and Israel are, and have been imperialistic.

    That people can justify their imperialism is a different matter.

    The gray area comes in the justification process.

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  6. Turok


    >You are a finger pointing high handed hypocrite!

    >Now you attack me personally?

    Ok, you are a hypersensitive finger pointing high handed hypocrite.

    Just another observation from the facts at hand.

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  7. instead of going to iraqi, the states should goto palestien and set up a democratic government there, give them aid and protection, these people are living in absolute poverty, 80% unemployed. no wonder they are pissed.
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  8. nitro


    See this post above:

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  9. Actually, I think you're on to something here. Greater economical dependencies would stabilize the region, but with the current infusion by big momma it doesn't seem like the baby states will give up sucking on her tits.

    Capitalism is the only true way into stable and prosperous civilizations. Just consider the history of the birthplace of civilization - Mesopotamia - today also known as Iraq.
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  10. Perfectly explained. Calling Israel "imperialistic" is a joke.

    For those who do not understand how things evolved in the West Bank, Gaza, the Golan....for those that think they understand the concept of "right of return". For those who cannot even define what the "Green Line" is (without checking on Google), I suggest a bit of reading.

    Or, make it easy on yourselves and listen to ReardonMetal.

    For those who can explain just WHAT a "Palestinian" is, again, read up and then come explain who these people are. Where they came from, why they left, where they went, and what awaited them when they got there.

    For those who wonder why the "Palestinians" even feel a need to have a "right of return", find out why they they believe they have this right. Better yet, find out (and explain here), WHY they need to "return" to a place they left 56 years ago...and on what basis they left.

    For those who wonder why there is no peace, think about who has the most to gain and the most to lose.

    Does Israel want land that they conquered? No, they try to give it back. They tried with the Golan. They did return the Sinai Peninsula, they offered virtually all of the West Bank and Gaza.

    But the "Palestinians" (whatever that word means) don't want that land. Or peace. They want the developed country of Israel. Why work hard and make something out of nothing when it's so much easier to throw rocks at a people who built a modern and productive and fertile country out of a small strip of desert.

    Throw rocks. Suicide bomb. Attack school buses. With the hope of just taking away the fruits of the labors of the Israelis.


    Reardon.....make my points for me. You are better at it, and more used to the frustration. My blood still boils.

    Speak on my behalf:)
    I will cover your back on the legalization of drugs issue when needed.

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