Bush Endorses Israel's Plan on West Bank

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  1. Well, the Jewish lobby does like buying congressmen....but other factors include the Christian right's belief that the Israel is holy & her Jews deserve American protection. Something about the Jews needing to hold Israel in order to facilitate the second coming of Christ, I think.

    On moral grounds, (Not that politicians care much for these things) Israel is an island of Democracy & human rights in a sea of bloodthirsty Islamic savages.
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  2. I hope you are not implying that Palestinians are worthless, and don't deserve to live (anywhere). They do not have to make their worth for just existing - or would you question the worth of all disabled people ?

    You guys have serious issues on your minds. Of course the world has evolved over the last 50-60 years, and the arab nations are not what they used to be. The same goes for the rest of the world.
    Yes, there were conflicts in the area beofre, like in many parts of the world. Most of them are because of ethnic and reliogous extremists views as promoted by you and others like you - the most dangerous of which are leaders and have better persuasive skills than you.
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    the US will never formally support "right of return" for any large population because it would have legal implications on the home front. you think natives volunteered to march the Trail of Tears?

    apart from that, it has long been US policy to tacitly accept ethnic political divisions as a step towards peace: ie, in the balkans.

    i haven't seen the news in its entirety: i understand the gaza settlements will disappear, but some (many?) west bank settlements will remain?
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  4. I didn't know the Jews believed in the first visit of the messiah as being Jesus -- aren't they waiting for the messiah's first appearance?
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  5. I think you read it out of context.

    "....but other factors include <b>the Christian right's belief</b> that the Israel is holy & her Jews deserve American protection. Something about the Jews needing to hold Israel in order to facilitate the second coming of Christ, I think. "
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    the christian right believes if they give the far right in israel enough support they'll blow up the infamous mosque and build the third temple, thus (in christian belief) signalling the imminent return of the messiah and the elimination of all jews by either death or conversion to christianity.

    yeah, i know it sounds f'ed up, and yeah, sharon knows what they're thinking when he accepts the money.
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    The solution to the middle east "problem" is for the region to be renamed from Israel/"Palestine" to something else, like The Arab Democratic Nation or something like that, unite the people under one nation, and then turn it into the "Las Vegas" of the middle east.

    That would solve all problems for a long long time and does not depend on oil or the need of a Sugar Daddy .

    But it will never fly.

    People need to start thinking outside the box. All these idiotic arguments and bad decisions just perpetuate non-solutions.

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  8. ART, please don't equate the State of Israel with the Iraq situation...

    Israel is, in my book, a legitimate entity... and the West Bank is nothing more than a case of "to the victor goes the spoils"... if the Arabs had not tried to annihilate Israel, they would not be complaining today...

    To the Arabs who are complaining about Israel I say "tough shit, dudes"... to the Arabs who are complaining about the Iraq situation, I will lend them my wholehearted support...
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  9. Israel should not be given any special favors or treatment.

    There is this "favored" status in which we allow them to get away with shit that in many cases is unreasonable.

    Their history, or the history of the Jews is as inconsequential as the history of the African Americans, or the American Indians, yet they play upon the holocaust as if it grants them a lifetime exemption from reasonable behavior.

    Any type of decision making that is based in Biblical interpretation as it relates to politics is wrong.

    I have no attachment to either the state of Israel or the state of Palestine.

    They both are wrong in their behavior, and we should not support either side when they act like morons.
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  10. Didn't your home state - California - used to belonged to Mexico?
    Better get out home boy - and give it back to its rightful owners.
    Better yet, the woman who is scrubbing your floors, switch roles with her. Giver her the deed to your house, and scrub that toilet. Set an example for the Israeli imperialists.
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