Bush-Economy Strong!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Aaron Copland, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. ok that is great news, I'm ready for a great economy now! It should be right around the corner.
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    OK, I had doubts about your sanity before. Now i'm convinced you've completely lost it.
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    What planet do you live on? Obviously not this one.

    Tell the many thousands of homeowners who are in default, and who are losing their life savings, that this is a 'rich man's' crash.

    The highly placed Wall Street Executives in their oak paneled offices are in no danger of losing their homes, or their lifestyle.

    They can run their company into the ground through their own greed, hubris and stupidity, and just go sailing.

    Not so the average wage earner.

    Get real.
  4. I'm sure lots of people have told you this before, but you are a complete idiot.
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    This economy is not turning around anytime soon, at least 3-5 years away....Unemployment rates are going to skyrocket to 8% by mid 2009 and GDP is going to fall well below 0%. This not going to be a quick turnaround, do not listen to bush about how strong the economy is. ITS NOT.
  6. Mission Accomplished !!!!
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    Your exclamation is both humorous and sad. It concerns me that so many, apparently poorly educated, Americans will vote for John McCain without considering the dire consequences of a Palin Presidency. I understand that for many working class Americans her appeal comes from being able to identify with her and think "she is just like me." But a Palin Presidency is certainly not what this country needs right now. We have already learned the consequences of electing someone with weak mental capacity, inexplicable stubbornness, and of fundamentalist religious leanings. God help us if we've learned nothing from our mistake.
  8. who cares about the economy Mccain is the original Maverick!!!!!! and Palin is such an adorable down to earth hockey mom, not to mention she sold a plane on ebay, fuck the issues.
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