Bush Dynasty

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  1. Article in conservative Weekly Standard mag says Jeb Bush "hands down" Repub front runner for 08 presidential bid. On the Dem side only thing I've seen mentioned is Hillary. Back to 04, I predict Cheney retires and W goes with Condoleeza Rice on the ticket. As for the oft-cited economy being the whole ball of wax crap, it isn't. If there is a turnaround, W wins hands down. If not, the Repub secret economic weapon is obvious - low interest rates and record home ownership will be spun into WMDD - weapon of mass democratic destruction. No matter, W wins either way. The Democratic Party is finished in this country for years.

  2. Jeb "Monkeyboy" Bush in 08? Will the fun never end....

  3. We fought a revolution 228 years ago, to unyolk ourselves from a Dynasty of Georges who felt they had a privileged entitlement to power due to their lineage.

    Do you know that the English Kings George I, his son George II, and his son George III, were all unable to speak the English language? These lunkheads spoke only German, and stubbornly refused or were incapable of learning the language of the peoples they ruled over.

    History repeats itself. How far this new dynasty of power-grubbing lunkheads goes will determine how long it takes for the American people to finally throw off their corrupt yolk as we did 228 years ago.
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  5. One of the biggest recommendations for the Bushs is the type of individuals that oppose them.
  6. The other one I think is going places is Kudlow provided he and the administration finesse that nasty trim problem he had - something that can be done with frank honesty. Rummy is the big question in 04 - he's getting pretty old. The Bushies definitely need a hit man - somebody that can get away with being mean all the time to everyone.

  7. Kudlow? Why not. Didn't he and GW do a lot of cocaine together? No greater bond among men as a former cocaine fiend.