Bush Disapproval Rating on Iraq Exceeds 50% in Poll

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  1. Bush Disapproval Rating on Iraq Exceeds 50% in Poll (Update1)

    Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) -- For the first time since the war that toppled Saddam Hussein, a majority of Americans disapproves of how U.S. President George W. Bush is handling the situation in Iraq, a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll published today shows.

    At the same time, backing for the deployment of troops in Iraq grew, a change Gallup attributes to a rally of support for the armed forces after an escalation of attacks by anti-coalition insurgents. The three-day poll that began Monday followed Sunday's downing of a U.S. helicopter in which 16 soldiers died in the worst postwar attack on the coalition.

    Fifty-four percent of the 1,007 adults surveyed said they disapprove of how Bush is handling Iraq, Gallup said on its Web site. Forty-five percent approve. Last month, 50 percent disapproved and 47 percent approved.

    The poll is the latest to indicate increasing public skepticism of Bush's attempts to stabilize Iraq and establish a new government following the war that began in March. Bush, who aims to retain the presidency for the Republicans in next year's election, said U.S. troops won't withdraw and that Iraqi freedom would be a ``watershed event.''

    Respondents were evenly split on whether U.S. troops should leave Iraq, with 49 percent saying troop levels should be maintained or increased and 48 percent saying they should be reduced or the troops withdrawn completely.

    The poll by Gallup echoes the findings of a Harris Interactive poll released yesterday that showed an erosion in confidence for U.S. policy in Iraq and Bush's handling of the situation. Bush's approval rating in the Harris poll dropped to 41 percent, down from 47 percent last month.

    Blaming Bush

    Bush's positive ratings over Iraq were at their height after Hussein's regime fell in April, when 76 percent of those polled by Gallup approved of his handling of the situation and 21 percent disapproved. The decline in Bush's approval rating over Iraq has paralleled public opinion of how well the war is going, ``suggesting the public blames the president for the problems,'' Gallup said.

    Asked how the postwar period is going for the U.S., 61 percent of those polled said ``badly'' and 38 percent said ``well,'' compared with a 58 percent-42 percent split last month.

    Bush's overall job performance rating hasn't suffered over Iraq, with 54 percent of those polled approving and 43 percent disapproving, a 1-point increase over last month in those approving. Poll results have also remained stable from last month on whether the Iraq war was worthwhile, with 54 percent agreeing and 44 percent disagreeing.

    The latest Gallup poll, conducted by telephone, has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.
  2. Nobody likes to see soldiers die on TV. But this particular "disapproval rating" won't affect Iraq policy. Bush didn't take a poll when he ordered the invasion of Iraq, why would he pull out based on a poll?

    This is just another item of interest for the roundtable pundits to debate. I bet if you asked the 45% who don't like what's going on, less than half of them would say "pull out now". I'd like to hear a palatable alternative to occupying Iraq.
  3. You're right, Tripack. Honestly If asked, I would have to say I disapprove. I disapprove of sticking US taxpayers with the bill for rebuilding a potentially rich country. I disagree with letting the radical clerics undermine us and murder the clerics who were supportive of us. I disagree with our wimpy approach to securing the areas filled with hardcore Saddam supporters . And I really disagree with the asshole lawyers at the Pentagon going after that Lt. Col. who foiled a terrorist attack by roughing up a prisoner. He should be getting a medal.

    But I see no alternative to our troops being there for a long time, and I certainly do not see a credible alternative to Bush in the Democrat field.
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    Not surprised to see a genius like you (not!) post this.

    TriPack is right.
  5. Few saw a credible democratic alternative to George Bush Sr. around this time frame in 1993 too.
  6. So in other words we are knee deep in shit, our soldiers are getting chewed up in a guerilla conflict while they are hamstrung by policy and the mission is costing us an arm and a leg. And no-one has a good idea what to do, and we can't leave until we set things right.

    Frankly, I heard this in the 5th grade. The topic was Vietnam.

    Bush better not coin the term "Iraqization"
  7. People criticized Bush 41 for not finishing the job in Iraq in Desrt Storm. This was one of the reasons he didn't, I suppose. It's messy, dangerous and dirty. We could pacify the country next week, but what that would require would have the "international community" in an uproar. So we sacrifice the lives of soldiers instead.
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    what would be required ?

  9. That's a load of crap.

    I doubt that "no one has a good idea what to do". Some of the sharpest minds in America planned this operation and, thus far, (as opposed as I was to it) I have to say it has been a remarkable success. The comparison to Vietnam is totally bogus. The takeover of Iraq has been as smooth as could realistically be expected. Sure, hearing of soldiers dying every day makes for one hell of an emotional appeal, but on the 'forest' level, the cost in US lives for what was accomplished was (is and will be) remarkably minimal. FAR less than the morbid predictions of 'lefty' windbags (like me).
  10. unfortunately for our impish little friend from midland, TX, he no longer has 2+ years to make america forget about what a "quagmire" iraq has become...

    maybe he'll go invade syria and that'll turn out better in time for the polls.

    think about it -- 11/2000 - bush steals election, everyone hates him.

    9/2001 - the WTC is attacked, and suddenly everyone forgets how much bush sucks, since everyone is cowering in fear of a handful of goat-fucking cavemen who stole some planes.

    2002 - economy blows, everyone forgets about afghanistan.

    early 2003 - he invades iraq and nobody thinks again about the economy. a knee jerk tax cut seems to make the market rally.

    late 2003 - he fucks up iraq (not that he really even had a plan to begin with) and now everyone hates him again.

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