Bush describes Mission Accomplished in Iraq...

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  1. <img src=http://www.dailyprobe.com/arcs/102803/cuffs.jpg>
  2. Below Bush describes his economic policy of increased government spending while cutting taxes for the wealthy...

    <img src=http://www.allhatnocattle.net/Bush%20chinese%20finger.jpg>
  3. So funny! :D
  4. +10 :D
  5. What's your obsession with pedophiles :confused:

    Every thread you start spouting the same thing :confused:
  6. Optional is a pedophile? Link to some evidence since I am new here in P&R :confused:
  7. That still doesn't make him a pedophile, different things no? :confused:
  8. Ok, can you link me to these posts so that I can make a better judgement.
  9. Ok, I will check.
  10. byteme


    Me too. My interest is starting to pique on why there are so many people with a seemingly obssesive interest in this Optional777 character.

    According to this Optional777, Mom0/pH0x was quoted as saying amongst other things:

    "i really got into farm animals. for some reason. they are so much more docile that you would think"


    I didn't see Mom0/pH0x deny that he had written that. Did he infact write it? It would be interesting to know given the current accusations Mom0/pH0x is now levelling at Optional777

    It seems these two could be as bad as each other.
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