Bush Defends The War On Terror and ECONOMIC TERROR

Discussion in 'Economics' started by libertad, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. And I suppose Bush defends the notion that one has to pay FIVE TIMES for the same amount of oil from whence he started in office...... 500% increase in 8 years....and still no energy policy....

    And I suppose the term ECONOMIC TERROR somehow just does not connect with this individual ?

    Bush is your classic bait em, switch em, then cut and run politician.....definitely all about the chips, not the people....

    So how about ECONOMIC TERROR , Mr. Bush ?

    Good riddance.....or must the public pay tribute to another Economic McBush hairbrain ?

  2. Lack of an energy policy is actually an energy policy. That is if your goal all along was to reward petro companies and oil rich dictatorships. Oh and not to mention re-kindle the next Cold War with Russia. If the next president does exactly opposite of what Bush/Cheney did during the last eight years we should be in very good shape by 2016. Bush said during an interview at the Olympics that "I don't see America having problems". LOL. At least he is consistently stupid.