Bush Daughter Robbed

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/afp/20061122/wl_afp/usbushargentinatheft_061122020210

    WASHINGTON (AFP) - One of US
    President George W. Bush's daughters has been robbed of her mobile phone and purse in Argentina, despite her heavy Secret Service protection,

    Barbara Bush's purse was snatched at a Buenos Aires restaurant during a night on the town, but the Secret Service agents did not notice, ABC said, citing police sources.

    Kim Bruce, spokeswoman for the Secret Service, which provides protection for the president and family, said: "We don't have any comment on that."

    The White House did not immediately return telephone calls seeking comment.

    Barbara, named for the president's mother, and her twin sister, Jenna, turn 25 Saturday.

    The twins were dining in San Telmo, Buenos Aires's picturesque arts and dining neighborhood.

    ABC reported that the theft was not the only difficulty the Secret Service faced during the fraternal twins' two-week visit.

    One of the agents got into an "altercation" after a night on the town and was beaten, the television news organization said, citing police reports.

    What are the odds they find the purse before they find the WMDs in Iraq or Osama? :D

    And what's the deal with the secret service agents getting drunk and beaten. Are they snorting coke with Bush Klan? Incompetence galore.
  2. They can't protect her in a restaurant so how the hell are they ever going to protect us?

    I don't feel any safer since 911 at all...actually, I feel more people who never cared would one or another about us now can't stand us. :(

  3. Don't be surprised if these agents were in fact friends of the girls from college. This kleptocratic drug running family is high on incompetent cronyism and low on competence.

    On another note, what is this family doing in South America? they recently purchased a 100,000 acre ranch in SA and now spend most of their time there. Something just ain't right with these people. wouldn't be surprised if Pappy is also down there teaching the kids the "family business".
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot. You mentioned in another post that in your opinion, George Bush Senior is one of the biggest suppliers of heroin in the United States.

    It's amazing that such a high profile heroin trafficker became President of the United States. I wonder, though... you haven't mentioned if you think that GWB has also gone into the family business. Is the current president involved in the traffic of heroin in the U.S. as well?

    If you have any information about Laura Bush's involvement in the heroin trade, I would appreciate it. It's always good to know these things as they are not widely reported.

    Thanks, Nik

  5. Little confused Nikkolleta. Aren't you the same fellow who keeps on stating that Nixon never spied on his opposition?

    let me ask you this, why do you think Noreiga was removed from power?
  6. Nixon? No, I haven't said anything about Nixon or Noriega on these threads. Must be someone else.

    Are you saying I'm mistaken and that you don't think the former president is one of the biggest heroin traffickers in the U.S.? Hmmm, if that's so, sorry. I was sure I remembered you saying that. In fact, I think I have the post bookmarked. Did you want me to take a look and post up the link?

    So you mentioned the family has bought some property in S.A. What do you think they're doing down there. What business do you mean when you say the 'family business' in the post above?

    Thanks, man


  7. You still haven't answered on why you think Noriega was removed, and yet you keep on asking dumb ass questions. Are you retarded? No seriously. You sure act it well.

    Why don't you try using google? Here, I'll do the hard work for you.


    edit: No need to answer my question on wether you're a retard. This proves it well enough. ROTFLMAO! :D

    Never heard of anyone "book marking" posts on chit chat. Thought I'd seen it all, I guess there's always a first for everything. What a loser.

    I think I have the post bookmarked. Did you want me to take a look and post up the link?
  8. Oh gee, look that's pappy with Noriega back in the days when pappy was busy building up his "business empire" ! I wonder who is the boss and who is the peon in this picture! LOL :D

    <a href="http://imageshack.us"><img src="http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/3082/bushnoriegauq4.jpg" border="0" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us" /></a>
  9. Pappys rotten seed didn't fall too far from him either!

    Jr. has pappys "moral values", but is not smart enough to run the "family business", so pappy gave him the "protection business" subsidiary. Protecting corrupt and evil oil barons has paid handsomely over Jr.'s incompetent career!!

    <a href="http://imageshack.us"><img src="http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/9292/bushsaudira1.gif" border="0" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us" /></a>

    And what could Jr.'s "protected friends" be up to!!


    Rape case roils Saudi legal system

    By DONNA ABU-NASR, Associated Press Writer
    Tue Nov 21, 4:49 PM ET

    AL-AWWAMIYA, Saudi Arabia - When the teenager went to the police a few months ago to report she was gang-raped by seven men, she never imagined the judge would punish her — and that she would be sentenced to more lashes than one of her alleged rapists received.
  10. And of course. our resident retard, little Nikki, will now come back asking for proof on wether those photos are real!

    Ahh....to live in the world of a simple retard. To play with a paper account and live off welfare! Simple Nikki has it made!

    Here's a question for you Little Nikki. Do you piss in your pants when Jr. comes on tv telling everyone how the bogeyman with WMDs is about to swim across the Atlantic to get you? LOL :D
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