Bush Corruption part 839,322,490,321 1/2

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  1. http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/10/14/oil.whistleblower/index.html

    About the time Bush comes into office they are not allowed to audit oil companies who owe American taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Shortly after uncovering hundreds of millions of dollars in underpayments to the American taxpayers by big oil, this man's job was eliminated as part of "routine periodic restructuring."
  2. owe American taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.


    This is chump change compared to the 700b we handed over. McCain was bitchin about earmarks which again would save us hundreds of millions and the budget pundits blew it off as miniscule.
  3. Putting the very people in power who have some of the largest private interests... is simply a bad idea.
  4. Geezuz, did you even read the article? LOL. Based on your post and after reading the article, it doesn't look like it. But how does this somehow degenerate into "Bush Corruption"? Please.

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    Are you a fricking idiot who, despite your Old age, still cannot read? I quote from the article:

    "Maxwell, a registered independent, said the shift in attitude at the agency began about seven or eight years ago, about the time the Bush administration came into power. He said he was discouraged from aggressively auditing oil companies."

    Bush corruption. Or I'd rather put it as Cheney corruption.