Bush Confident of Market Recovery and Soft Landing

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by pkts, Aug 8, 2007.

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    "So the conditions for a -- you know -- for the marketplace working through these issues are good, and that's how I look at it, " Bush said.
  3. LMAO when GWB mentioned ebay as a great vehicle to entrepreneurship...though it is great for laundering stolen goods and the transference of junk.
  4. Now that George is on the case, I may be bullish. After all, he has a success record that we all dream of.

    He liberated Iraq! He caught Bin Laden! Afgahnistan is a thriving democracy, completely rid of the Taliban! He caught mullah Omar!

    And can he talk. Talks just like stocktrad3r writes! Sheer genius.
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    this may be the golden contrarian indicator I been looking for
  6. But something tells me that the Republicans will be re-elected....

    The swiftboat veterans will come out of retirement!

    When are you Americans going to understand that the Republicans are no good for the country.

    Was Clinton THAT bad??????
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    just the country?!
  8. Day 4 now of bull market return - Kudlow.

    There is no US mortgage problem - Wall St. bonuses are up more than mtg. resets. Ones with trouble are banks and HFs in Spain, Italy, Germany, Britain, France, Australia, Canada and China. Nothing to do with US.

    Everyone wrong about Bear Stearns too - they have the wrong company. The one in trouble is in Cayman Islands, not here.

  9. The Republican party left me, I didn't leave them.
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    Poor Bush, the man is his own worst enemy. Hoover, Hoover he's our man. And Hillary will be our FDR, and rescue everything. Sad but true I am afraid.
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