Bush compares Obama to Nazi appeaser

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  1. This comment by Bush will not affect McCain's chances becuase it is competely true. Anyone with a brain knows Obama is an appeaser and a socialist/communist. The comment was directed at Obama, and desevedley so.
  2. This segment with Chris Mathews is delicious
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    Are all Republicans this stupid?
  3. You fit in well in the company of mr Bush.
    Any comments he makes are complete rubbish and proof of an empty headed simplemind.
    As are yours...

    Stubbornly betting on the wrong horse again, are you?

  4. No, but you can bet democrats are not only this stupid, but hypocritical..... as the following from newsbusters.com shows:

    "Message to Chris Matthews: when ripping a guest for his lack of historical knowledge, try to avoid making a history mistake of your own in the same segment.

    It happened on this afternoon's Hardball. After lambasting a guest for not knowing his Neville Chamberlain history, Matthews surmised that the attack on the USS Cole in October, 2000 happened under . . . President Bush."

    p.s. calling this "delicious" as you did, wasn't too bright. At least not if you wanted to stay in the closet, jimbo.
  5. Ha, Tweety was dumb enough to vote for Bush. That's some democrat! Now not only was this delicious, you're the dessert.
  6. BSAM


    The Republicans are desperate. Most Democrats are dumber than shit. Oh my, what to do?
  7. There isn't a hill-o-beans difference between Obama and Bush. In the end, anyone who manages to become President is corrupted by the ascent to power.

    This is the way of the world since time began.
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    Good shot stock-T;
    & like any high velocity shot,some go thru to multiple targets:cool:
  9. I see the potential for a disaster here. Obama is clearly weak on islamist terrorism. He will allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons and distribute them to terrorists.

    Israel, if not US voters, understands this. They also understand that voters are far more likely to go for McCain if they feel our security is at risk. The chances of Israel attacking Iran therefore become extremely high if Obama appears to be the likely winner.
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