Bush/Clinton Dynasty

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    I've never voted for a Bush, I voted Clinton in 1996. I voted for Perot in 1992

    We're told that there's really nothing we can do about:

    - Globalism

    - Out of control Big government spending

    - Immigration

    - Thankless role of WorldCop-tm

    Maybe there's nothing we can do, but here's an idea on where to start

    Elect someone outside of these 2 families for once. A lot of things can seem set in stone when you live under a dynasty. Globalism & immigration really weren't big concerns before these 2 families took over. They've both shoved open borders and Globalism down our throats. Debt since 1981 is sickening

    Electing hillary could result in a 36 year reign of these 2 families 1981-2017. Can there be any doubt that Bush sr was dominent in the Reagan era? It's still 28 years if you dont count Reagan years

    You can totally change a country beyond recognition and memory in 36 years. You can rewrite and slant it's history, to make the true past almost impossible to grasp. Even if you dont think the current 2 familes wont do that, we should maintain the principle.

    After FDR, the people wisely decided, that whether or not FDR was a good thing for this country, 16 years is too many.

    Even if the pricks stack the deck by having equals waiting in the wings (which they most certainly do) we need to say no to Hillary, the Clintons, and the Bushes - enough is enough
  2. Say no to the New World Order.
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    just for perspective, if you go back 36 years, you're in 1971

    the 36 year period ending in 1971 (1935-1971) saw 7 families as president:

    FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, kennedy, LBJ & Nixon

    Why do those who tell us to 'value diversity' (a phrase unrecognised prior to 1981) tell us we can only choose from 2 families?
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  5. Yeah, first Bush, then Clinton, then Bush again...

    And now were supposed to vote for Clinton's bush?...:p
  6. What?

    Yeah, major doubt! Reagan was a very strong Prez. Bush was just a typical Veep, who didn't even win reelection as an incumbent when Prez.
  7. you fellas ought to worry if ron paul dont get elected.. rick perry is going to get the nomination in 2012, 2016 max... and if you know the guy, the thought alone of him being commander in chief for 8yr should send a chill down your spine.
  8. Stop telling to the kids the myth that "anyone can become president".

    You must be a billionair,e connected to the global bankers, and a part of the bush/clinton/bin laden crime family.

    If not, you get asassinated.