Bush charging to the rescue!*Sarcasm*

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  1. I have to laugh at how involved this president has been with the stockmarket in contrast to others.

    He has no problem jumping in the sandbox with hard-earned taxpayer money.

    The truth is Bush (and his crew) have made so many wrong and irresponsible desicions, do any of you feel secure when he wants to get his feet wet with the subprime issues?

    Gives me the goosebumps.
  2. Bush is by no means the only one. The first couple of years Clinton was in office he would make statements and the market would tank. At some point someone must have told him it would be best he keep his mouth shut about the economy, etc. And Treasury Secretary Bensen was at least as bad.
  3. `I plan to help homeowners, the government's got a role to play,'' Bush said. ``But it's not the government's job to bail out speculators or those who made the decision to buy a home they couldn't afford.''

    No way he can bail out people. Everybody who got a loan they couldn't afford was a speculator. They just couldn't sell the home in time.
  4. Why does everyone personally hate bush?

    He's just a person like we all are. The only difference is he is in a position of power to control the country.

    Maybe we just don't like being controlled?
  5. Bensen would have made a great character on the "Adams Family"

  6. I'm more amazed at those who still report what Bush is doing. Honestly like the TC said, are you more afraid than relived he gets his hands dirty in this? He's just plain incompetent or serves big interests, let's just ignore him already.
  7. But he's not a person like we all are. He's dangerously stupid and in a position of great power. He's the bull in the china shop. And really, I think he is some kind of sociopath. Or maybe he is just so stupid he has no concept of the mess he has made. No shame.

    That seems to be a prerequisite for being a politician. No shame, no conscience. Look at Larry Craig.


  8. You sound like an idiot.

    I don't hear liberal communists like yourself calling FDR "dangerously stupid" even though U.S. unemployment was still 14% nine years after he took power. That is until he put us in a war that killed half a million American men. What are your feelings about liberal great LBJ. I guess to you Vietnam was a compelling national interest. TWELVE TIMES more American's were killed there than in Iraq.

    Yes, under Bush America sux. Low unemployment, low interest rates, stocks near record highs, home ownership at record levels. Gee I can't wait to see how Obama or some other third world asshole improves on that.

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    Maybe what people hate is a person in a position of near absolute power who makes terrible choices, is arogant about it and continues to bumble along as though all is well in happyland. I'm sure that with Iraq politically his hands are tied and its hard to actually fight to win, but whats the point of putting our soldiers in harms way if we will not actually let them go win the war. I think we do have a responsibility to those who serve us to allow them to win, what the politicians have done in Iraq is a War Crime, committed by Americans, against America's soldiers. There is a reason Saddam is the only person who was able to keep control of Iraq for any extended period of time, there is a reason the Saudi Royal family has stayed in power for so long. It's not because they worry about hurting their enemies fealings and making him angry at them.

    I know, I know, I know..we are fighting an enemy who is commited to the fight and who will rather die than give up. Every time we kill one, we piss off his brother and cousin and they all join the frey too. Well, go look up WW2, see how nice the Japanese were and read about their warrior ethos, and tell me that a suicidal enemy can not be beaten by a committed superpower. Its insane.
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