Bush cannot control prices...

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  1. of crude, nor employment report figures for that matter.

    He is not God (although his party believes it speaks for God).

    I felt it important to start my first thread ever in this forum as there are dozens of you who believe that a Prez can control crude prices (impossible even in the short term, regardless of what they do with Strategic Reserves. Educate yourselves).

    Today's employment numbers brought the conspiracy people out in droves again.

    The Prez has NO CONTROL over these numbers. Its not partisan. If he did, they would ALWAYS be rosy.

    C'mon folks, you can't be that stupid.


    PS just for the record, I was a Republican for years, but changed awhile ago and hope they lose both houses of Congress to shake things up. Yep, voted for Reagan, twice! Bush too, but I now want that spending party to hand over the reigns (voted for George the 2nd time only cause I thought the alternative much worse).

    We need to get away from God and spending!

  2. Oh you mean the same way central banks can't control a currency moves? :D

    ROTFLMAO!! The recent revisions in employement is yet another example of how corrupt and immoral this administration and their supporters are. The biggest farce hoisted on the stupid masses thus far in a long long while.
  3. He has control over which numbers to build the data base with. And the method of collecting them.
    Thats enough to to make stats say what you want them to say.
  4. u gotta wonder tho about the timin' and of course the highly suspicious statements he made, no long ago, that 'speculators decide oil prices' with a tone typical of someone lyin' trough his theet and again today about how great the job numbers are. somethin' fishy, no q. smell or may i say stench? is quite penetratin'.
  5. The White House does not have any say in this. NEVER HAS idiot. Do a little research.

  6. What is the collective age of you idiots?

    25 maybe.

    Did you all go to Berkeley?

    The WH has ZERO control over this. This is FED numbers.

    Wanna argue this? OK,

    Explain how the WH can have ANY effect on crude prices. ANY?

    Fed numbers:

    These numbers were BAD for long term anyway as they are inflationary as hell.

    Bonds just set a top based on them.

    Go back to school boys.

  7. I wern't never to goog wit my hisroty learning, but, It seems to me that the WH (comander n cheif, err the boss) started a coupla o wars in the mittle east.

    Look out! here comes another mushroom cloud. Awwww the oil, the poor oil.
  8. It's a pretty stupid thread, but...

    Is there a conpiracy to keep the oil price low before the election? No.

    Are some of the global players playing games with the oil price in an effort to influence the election? Definitely.

    Let's look at what could these players do.

    1. US government stopped buy for the strategic reserve a few months ago. This is not a huge amount but in a tight market this can have an impact.

    2. Saudi's have been pumping near its full capacity to keep the price down - they have an incentive to keep GOP in power.

    3. Big Oil also have an incentive to help the GOP. They don't have to collude to manipulate the oil price. They may individually schedule the timing of their market hedges - say, instead of stagger the hedges as they normally do, they could move some of next year's hedges to this year. Again, in a tight market, just a little change can make a big difference.

    They do not have to coordinate this or do it together. But certainly these players have an interest in keeping the GOP in power, and have the means to do it.

    If you believe this, as I do, long oil and short the stock before the election day.
  9. Why would the Saudis care which party is in power?

    We made an agreement with them about 50 years ago to protect them vs their neighbors, and keep the house of Saud in power. This does not change with each administration. Your argument makes no sense.

    The price of oil has come down for market reasons. Period.

    Look at some of my posts when oil was in the 70's. I've been a bear for a long time. It has NOTHING to do with the election. ZERO.
  10. saudis have been fundin' the bush campaign for the last 2 elections and donated million of dollars to the bushes familiy 'virtual' biz. to say they got no interests in whos in power is just plain wrong.
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