Bush Boom preliminary numbers

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  1. Just like the book "Dow 36,000," the "Bush Boom" is a must on every bookshelf.

    Preliminary jobs data reports Generalissimo Bush's standing at the top (of being the worst):

    <IMG SRC=http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/payroll-expansion-by-presdient.png>
    (image from: Ritholtz' blog story: WSJ)

    As we can see, job creation was the worst of any president since WW2. Real returns may fall into that class as well, although if we used the old method to calculate inflation, there would be no doubt about that one. Shadowstats has unemployment at 18% using the old method to calculate that rate.

    Crooksandliars.com has the further adventures of Bill O'reilly, American Tabloid Journalist, in O'Reilly and the recession supposedly no one saw. That network resembles more of what theonion.com would look like it had its own channel.

    Intrade.com has the contract "US Economy to go into a Depression in 2009" at 51.0 and on the rise. Heckuva job Georgie!
  2. Lucky Georgie only had an eight term.

    The mind boggles with what he could have under-achieved in ten years.