Bush Blows It Big Time

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  1. A couple of weeks ago I offered the opinion that, while Bush's reelection was very likely, he had managed to annoy the influential conservative base of the party by a series of big government policies and missteps. I even suggested that Howard Dean might have a chance if he took some bold positions, like advocating a flat tax. There were clearly some disturbing similarities to the fumbled reelection bid of Bush Sr, who, need it be said, once had over 90% approval ratings but managed to lose to the ethically challenged governor of a small state a year later.

    Little did I expect that Bush would make me look like even more of a political genius within two weeks. A week or so ago, they sent out Tom Ridge, the fumbling director of Homeland Security, to float a trial balloon for amnesty for illegal aliens. The reaction was fast and certain: No F*cking Way. So what is announced today? Amnesty for illegals, plus social security benefits, provided in the convenience of their own country. They can sneak across the border, violate our laws for a few years, go home and then collect social security, just like hundreds of thousands of hard-working citizens who paid into the system their whole lives.

    What will be the effect of this nutcase policy? Social security will go broke even sooner. Illegal immigration will be encouraged. Homeland security will be weakened. Crime, overcrowding, gangs, poverty, healthcare problems,etc will all become worse. Lawabiding citizens will be taxed even more to provide lavish benefits for these illegals, benefits that federal courts have ruled MUST BE provided to them, if they manage to get here.

    Our courageous WW II and Korean War veterans cannot get decent health care, their benefits are cut and squeezed, even as we open our coffers to illegals. What a policy.

    Why are they doing it? Search me. To pander to the massive Republican hispanic vote? Or maybe because employers want more cheapo workers. Who knows? Karl Rove and Bush have been obsessed with this since he took office, however.

    Now the ball's in Dean's court, and it is a tricky shot for him.
    He can instantly become a credible challenger to Bush if he just copies this post, memorizes it and goes out on the cmapaign trail and talks about nothing else. But he will severely piss off the far left wing of the Democrat party, which has been his major source of support. They like the idea of opening our borders to millions of poor immigrants. More welfare, more crime, more dependency equals bigger government and higher taxes and that is music to their ears. So how will Howard play this incredible gift from the increasingly tone-deaf Bush administration?

    If he plays it right, we will have a new president. You can ask Gray Davis.
  2. This immigration policy is pretty twisted. Why would any politician reward people who break the law? That's all it is, plain and simple. The advocates claim...."America was built on immigration". Yes, but those immigrants played by the rules!

    If we accept illegals from Mexico, then why all the fuss about illegals from Cuba who come over on a rickety boat? Why even have immigration laws in the first place?

    All the administration is doing is pandering to Vicente Fox and the hispanic voting block (many latino's by the way are not in favor of letting so many illegals in).

    I question the security of it. Why would we let undocumented people in, in a time of heightened security (code orange)? It makes it that much easier for Al Qaeda operatives to slip into this country. It's insanity.
  3. I think there are a number of reasons, starting with Rove probably thinks this will get Shrub re-elected and cheaper labor for businesses, and I would not be surprised if the Wal-Mart fiasco of a few weeks ago some how fits into the why part of this puzzle.

    It could be this is one of those bills/announcements that gather headlines that capture a desired voting block and then when the details are finally worked out it is nothing like the original announcement.

    No matter what, I don't like it either.

  4. I'm not in favor of looser immigration policies either- but I think this is really a big deal to (legal US resident/citizen) Latino voters.

    Just like support for Israel is a key factor for America's Jewish voters, immigration policy is a key factor for Latino voters...who overwhelmingly favor looser policies. Am I right about this? ElCubano? The majority of Latinos love this sort of thing, don't they?
  5. This is a joke, right? Bush is telling illegal workers that it's ok and is now granting them amnesty? So now we'll get an even larger flood of cheap labor into this country, thereby driving down wages in many working class areas?

    Why even have borders now? Why not just let anyone hop the fence, get a job for a year or two and then go back with my social security money?

    Wow I mean ... just wow.
  6. AAA,

    you are getting more and more rightwing as time goes by ...

    This immigration reform is a joke for immigrants, it won't change anything . It's just a lame attempt at swaying Latino votes .
    First I think you are wrong when saying all immigrants could collect SS benefits, and why couldn't they collect anyway if they have paid taxes all their life? Anti immigration activists in the US disgust me. You are all immigrants have you forgotten?

    Look around you, there is plenty of space if more people want to come in, yes even in California. It's not like Europe. Your government is not overly generous with benefits either. You really need to get a sense of perspective. It is extremely difficult to immigrate to the US (I know because I have been trying) so it is only normal that a lot of people just decide to do it illegally. They are not criminals nor parasites. They just want their share of the dream too. What's wrong with that?
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    aphe, what would you like to do? We could just shoot them all dead like the nazi's did to the jews? We could round them up and put them on a train. We could drag them kicking and screaming back to mexico. We could politely ask them to leave? What would be your method of choice?
  8. For starters, how about rebasing a good portion of our troops from South Korea, Japan, Italy & the 'West Germany' cold war border? Seems like these troops could be put to much better use guarding Americas's borders instead of guarding 'West Berlin' from the Soviets.

    Also, how about NO MORE MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS. America has enough violence, thank you. If America would only toughen her borders, we can absorb the Latin immigrants who are already here, without even the need to speak of deportations.
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    OK, thats fine, but what about the 10 million immigrants we have here now? See nobody on this board has an answer except to shout at the rain and shout at Bush. There is no answer that is the problem.
  10. I start making favorable comments about probably the most extreme leftwing candidate to ever run for president and I am getting more right wing?

    There are a lot of issues wrapped up in this. Immigration, per se, is the least important. It is wrong to label everyone who has qualms about the current situation "anti-immigrant." I know of no country, certainly no rich western country, that doesn't have strict rules on immigration. The problem is our border states and plenty of other states, like North Carolina and Florida, are absorbing such a vast influx of illegal immigrants that they can't handle it. The schools can't handle it, the housing supply can't handle it, the police can't handle it, the hospitals can't handle it, the local governments can't handle it. I heard a guy on Rush today in SoCal complaining that town after town was being turned into barrios, with graffiti everywhere, gangs, and rampant crime. Health care costs are exploding because someone has to pay for all the free care these immigrants are getting.

    A lot of us have sympathy for these people and admire their energy and hard work. We simply cannot continue to absorb all the excess workers of Latin America however. We are sowing the seeds for some mighty big problems down the line.

    I have heard the talk that we need to do something to make those already here legal workers but prevent more illegals. How are we going to do that? Anytime you grant an amnesty you encourage more people to break the law. We also are opening ourselves up to huge security issues. We don't know what kind of criminal records these people have. So instead of enforcing the law as it is written, we give them all a free pass to stay here? How does that enhance security?

    I do not accept the notion that we have an obligation to accept anyone who wants to come here or manages to get here. It is unfair to those who are trying to follow the law. It is also unfair to those who have to pay the bills for the expenses these immigrants cause.

    And why do we devote so many resources to intercepting Cuban refugees and sending them back to Castro? Of all the people trying to get in, they are the ones we should be helping. Instead, we turn a blind eye to all the mexicans streaming in but persecute these brave Cubans. Frankly, I don't get it.
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