Bush approval rating down to 25%

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  1. Count me among the 75% on his job overall, but I have to wonder about the people who think the economy is terrible. That's one of the few bright spots.
  2. You are confusing low paying jobs, fake inflation reports, diminished benefits, exported jobs, massive profits for corporations and executives, exhorbident health care costs, and the rise in the stock market for the real economy and the reality that most people are struggling.

    No surprise that you are living in your own bubble and buy into the crap about the economy doing well.


  3. Wow..ZZZZ is making sense...
  4. Arnie


    On every metric, the Bush economy is better than the Clinton years. But you would never know that with the incessant bad news that gets reported.
  5. Sad fact is, approval ratings for congress is even lower. They'd kill for 25%! What a screwed up government we have.
  6. Bad news reported ?Have you ever watched CNBC ?. Christ, they staffed that place with pretty girls to cheerlead all day. Ours is a corporate controlled media. Corporations hate to report bad news. I would guess that as little bad news is reported as possible, which may explain why Paris Hilton's ridiculous life is often a feature story.
  7. you know what they say... a broken clock is exactly right twice a day.

  8. re: the low economy handling #s:
    Americans are pissed off about the INFLATION TAX......they're sick and tired of having what little money they have left after the government takes its cut getting devalued.


  9. Ron Paul has been for years.

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