BUSH and the (3)...what a joke!!

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    is anyone watching this, they have GM, F and DCX ceos talking about looking at future technologies towards alternative fuels. Here are the ones pushing the biggest SUVs in the world and there talking about new choices in fuel consumption. Come on, seems everyone likes to talk about this when oil starts rising, however when oil is selling off they could care less.....
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    Yeah, next thing they'll do is talk about interning Japanese auto-makers in Utah.

    They're probably all trying to egg on potential buyouts and need presidential exposure to help make it look like they're serious about entering the 20th century, oops, meant 21st Century. :D
  3. About supply and demand. As long as Americans continue to buy those big SUVs inspite of rising fuel costs they will continue to product them.
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    where was toyota in that group, or at least honda. If they want to do this they have to work together.
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    americans will continue to buy suvs, the bigger the better, right? Nothing like a vehicle that gets 8-12 a mile.....How much does it cost to fill....40,50, 75 bucks a fill.
  6. I dont know where you live. But my VW GTI gets 30mpg...and it still costs 40 bucks to fillup. 38.75 this morning.
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    Probably the only thing I'm constantly glad about not having to deal with anymore living here in Manhattan...of course my breakfast cost as much as a refill! :D

    At least your refill to mpg ratio beats a dumpy Ford Expedition.
  8. True. I cant really bitch. I do get almost 350 miles before a re-fill...and the car is fast and fun.
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    My heavy-ass BMW 530 hit $62 to fill an empty gas tank with 91-octane gas two days ago here in Orange County, CA. It gets a moderate 24.7mpg hwy. My friends with large SUVs no longer drive them regularly--they have become weekend vehicles, costing roughly $100 to $150 per tank on 87-octane unleaded.

    Here in SoCal, people have been dumping SUVs left and right--they are truly a bargain at the dealerships. I don't think there really is high demand for SUVs, and I think that's why American automakers are having so much trouble (second to their number one problem: the cost of union wages & benefits).

    If the big 3 automakers don't dramatically change their direction, they're going under (unless, like the idiots they are, our politicians bail them out with our tax dollars).
  10. What will really come to be: vehicles designed to run with SOME ethanol in the gas.

    This only requires changing the material of some gaskets and some electronic chips.

    Altough it remains to be seen how much ethanol can America produce, some vehicles may be produced.
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