Bush: "All is well"

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  1. Yeah...sure pal
  2. As usual... lying S.O.S.
  3. before it`s said & done that SOB should be tried for treason,crimes against the american people & war crimes......hung from Times Square & stoned alive by the people.
  4. I'm sure it is. He's in the oil business, isn't he? If I'm not mistaken, oil prices were in the 20s* when he came into power. There you go!

    *Admittedly, we should adjust for inflation and the decimation of the US currency.
  5. dsq


    why does he speak?
    What are they trying to do by having him speak?
    he does not instill confidence in markets...he conveys uncertainty...hasnt anybody there in dc figured this out?
  6. lindq


    Well, that's a start.
  7. Know how he makes love? Laura sits on his face, and he tells lies.

    Learned it from Pinocchio.

    Joke thread. Joke thread
  8. Another Bush talk...LOL
  9. Then we need to include every president since WW in that list of offenses...
  10. George Bush=Jim Jones

    He needs to drink some of his own kool-aide now.
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