Bush admits he lied about Rumsey in the week before election

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZZZzzzzzzz, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Freakin liar... what do you expect from chimpboy?
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    The question is not when chimpboy lied, but when is the last time he actually told the truth. My money's on mid-1999, about something minor. :)
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    Only to be a wiseguy -- I must say you jut ran afoul of that famous conundrum --

    What if someone says they are always lying.

    He must have been saying something truthful today.
  4. Bush is a friggin moron. If he was going to dump Rummy, why not do it before the election and show dissaffected voters that he heard them? Instead, he goes out on the limb for the guy then dumps him the day after a huge disaster. It virtually invites speculation that Pelosi demanded it and he meekly complied.

    Bush has been a disaster and now he seems to be gathering speed. Downhill.
  5. -AAA-- in boxer-shorts and black socks sagging down to his ankles...bath robe untied hanging open.

    ---with half-eaten food everywhere and two-day old pizza boxes on the coffee table.....fox news chattering in the back ground....half-gallon of half empty tequila in the fore ground ...full ash tray---

    (pan in)

    AAA: "We're right god-damn you...WE' RIGHT!!!!. YOU'LL seeeee...damn you...you'll seeeeeee......"

    (slowly pan out)



  6. I read an article this morning, in the AARP Joournal, that said people vote for candidates that are most like themselves. Right now there is some evidence to suggest that this statement may be true.

    Its obvious that Bush is a moron and he's elected twice. So what does that say about the electorate.

    Don't know what this has to do with this thread but it was an interesting article and I had to post it. :D
  7. I think Bush, in all his arrogance, really thought he was going to pull off a win and wouldn't have to change a thing.

    I heard Rove on NPR a couple of weeks before the election and he was shouting down the interviewer when asked about the polls. He said he had 60 polls he watched and he knew better what was going on and the Republicans were going to win.

    I don't think Bush can recover, but he might make a start by purging his administration of ALL neocon idiots who have served him so poorly and by getting rid of Rove. But then, I'm not sure GW has the capability to think for himself.

    Have you read "Hubris". Too bad it takes so long for this information to get out.