Bush 54% Obama 33%

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  1. Louisiana Voters Pick Louisiana Voters Pick Bush Over Obama in a Crisis – 54% to 33%
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, August 28, 2010, 6:36 AM

    More Louisiana voters picked Bush over Obama in a crisis.
    Bluegrass Pundit reported:
    It wasn’t even close.
  2. Perhaps Obama's golf game is getting in the way. It was reported he just played his 49th round of golf. That's 2x the rounds that Bush played in 8 years.

    According to CBS NEWS:
    Looks like the unemployment numbers are getting in the way for Obama.
  3. Relevant is the right word.

  4. Maybe he took a page out of Boehners book

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    But Bush's record on vacations taken is untouchable anyway.

  6. You mean what the House Minority leader does is irrelevant? If only more voters agreed.
  7. A teachable moment for you and we don't even need a beer summit:

    What do Bush and Obama have in common that Boehner does not?

    Take a few hours and do some research. If you answer correctly, apply the words relevant and irrelevant and "connect the dots".

    Good luck!
  8. Here are some results from the research.

    "According to an interesting empirical study commissioned by Capitol Hill’s weekly newspaper and the leading publisher of the nation’s legislative record, Congressional Quarterly (CQ), President Obama has accummulated an impressive string of legislative accomplishments unrivaled by any previous POTUS. "
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