Burzynski Research Institutes Cancer Treatment Threatens Big Pharma

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  1. you seem to have a problem with conventional medicine and are a bit of a gullible type but at least do a little research before you promote questionable things.

    RE: Dr.Stan Burzynski in Houston Texas
    by cafinman1 on Fri Oct 31, 2008 12:00 AM

    Quote | Reply Havving lost both parents to cancer, I would consider myself as an expert in dealing with this disease. In desperation, I took my father to Dr.Burzynski after reading about him on the web.I even interviewed a patient who claimed he saved her life (she subsequently had died of cancer). I decided to take my father to Houston for treatment for 3 weeks to see if he could help. I knew well in advance that my dad was at stage 4 and our chances were slim, but I was told that it would cost $300 a day for the treatment and it was not covered by insurance. We went and soon discovered that we were completely scammed.

    For some reason, every 1000 patients that contract cancer and get to stage 4, 1-2% of these patients survive. So if Burzynski sees 1000 patients a year, there is a good chance that "miraculously" a few will get better and they will actually attribute their success to Burzynski. Here is where the scam lies. Desperate people with no hope will do whatever they have to do, spend whatever money they have, even if it means going broke.

    What was supposed to cost me $6,000 for 20 days, ended up costing $20,000 as the $300 was just for the medicine (which is a synthetic urine) and everything else cost a fortune out of pocket. What is totally wrong is how they continued to bill my credit card even though my father has passed away. I tried to dispute it and after Burzynski provided false documentation, my credit card company told me to take him to court.

    Unfortunately, there are no medical cures. If they aren't doing it at Sloan Kettering, Cedars Sinai, Mass General Hospital, it doesn't exist. I wanted to believe there was a conspiracy theory that big pharma wanted cancer to stay around to sell chemo and other drugs, but this is not the case.

  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    For once i find myself agreeing with you, the people like the OP who push the info provided by these quacks that make grandiose claims that cancer is curable are despicable.

    This Burzynski guy has already been proven numerous times to be a complete asshole, and a liar. If there was someone out there with the cure, it would be outed very quickly, as people with money would flock to the person with the cure no matter what the cost was. The last time the OP posted about this he claimed that burzynski couldnt get FDA approved because the Pharma companies were blocking it. That doesnt even make any sense given the fact that any Pharma company would pay billions of dollars for the cure to cancer and the patent.

    They would have a monopoly with the one customer who was willing to pay whatever they charged, someone who is dying.

  3. max pad,
    you do not understand that big pharma treatments are exactly what causes cancer and what makes death faster, much faster than from cancer itself.

    the more people are sick, the more $ big pharma makes.
    it would be impossible to make billions on a super healthy society.

    just like it doesn't make sense to sell ice to eskimos or sell sand to africans.

    the very same thing happens in financial industry.
    some hedge funds make over 15% per year with risk below 25%.

    do you think mutual funds will be interested in their technology? hell no, they treat such hedge funds as grave enemies. they cannot admit that HF technology of money management could be superior to long-only piece of crap.

    do you have any idea how much dollars are flowing into cancer research? how many jobs this inflow sustains? the cancer research must produce no success results, so it can continue ad infinitum.